PolyMem Silver Finger And Toe Dressing

PolyMem Silver Finger And Toe Dressing

Brand/Manufacturer: FERRIS MFG. CORP.
  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free
  • Made in USA

PolyMem Silver dressings are like special bandages that use a soft material and a smooth covering to control fluids while cleaning and creating a good healing space for wounds. For cuts, bruises, and swelling on fingers and toes, PolyMem Silver Finger/Toe dressings are made to easily and quickly wrap around them. These dressings have tiny bits of silver that can help with pain and encourage healing. They work for both ongoing pain and pain from treatments.

Why Choose PolyMen Finger Dressing

  • Designed to fit fingers and toes perfectly
  • Contains unique silver bits
  • Reduces germs in the bandage
  • Doesn't stick to the skin, making it easy to use

Item # Desc Pkg Price
1402 #2 Medium 6/Pack
1402 #2 Medium 6/Pack, 5Pk/Case
1403 #3 Large 6/Pack
1403 #3 Large 6/Pack, 5Pk/Case

Polymem Finger Dressing Features

  • Generates silver ions consistently from a continuous silver reservoir
  • Kills 99.9% of the entire population of all bacteria and fungi tested
  • Composed of a hydrophilic membrane matrix with a semi-permeable polyurethane continuous thin film backing
  • Eliminates the need for a secondary dressing
  • Absorbs up to 10 times its dressing weight in exudate
  • Maintains a moist wound environment for improved healing
  • Indicates when a dressing change is necessary via its clear, thin backing
  • Does not adhere to the wound bed, minimizing damage to the wound bed upon removal
  • Continuously cleanses the wound, reducing the need for wound bed cleansing during dressing changes
  • Will not stain skin
  • Helps relieve wound pain and improves comfort
  • No need to wet or re-wet
  • Can be used instead of other silver dressings because it supports moist wound healing while providing a continuous silver reservoir
  • Used as a combined primary and secondary dressing or as a secondary dressing
  • Helps improve recovery after injury

PolyMem Silver Finger/Toe Dressing Indications:

  • Pressure ulcers (Stages I “IV)
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Venous ulcers
  • Donor and graft sites
  • Dermatologic disorders
  • First and second-degree burns
  • Skin tears
  • Acute wounds
  • Leg ulcers

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How to Use Polymem Finger Dressing


Push Metagrip CMC Thumb Brace

1. Measure to determine the length of dressing needed to cut off excess.

Push Metagrip Thumb CMC Orthosis

2. Remove the insert from the rolled end and discard.

How to apply Push Metagrip Thumb Brace?

3. Insert the finger into the rolled end of the dressing.

Metagrip Thumb CMC Orthosis

4. Push the finger into the dressing and begin rolling.

Push Metagrip Thumb CMC Orthosis

5. Roll the dressing on the finger.

Push Metagrip Thumb CMC Orthosis

6. The dressing should fit securely on the finger or toe.

Dressing Change:

  • Change the bandage before you see wetness at the edges of the pad.
  • If the pad gets wet, change it right away.
  • For not very wet wounds in healthy people, you can keep the bandage for up to seven days.
  • Change it more often if the person has a weak immune system, diabetes, or if the wound has an infection.
  • Carefully remove the bandage from the wound. It won't stick to the wound, so it shouldn't hurt.
  • Don't clean the wound with water or saline unless it's infected.
  • Special bandages have a cleaner in them, so you don't need to clean the wound separately.
  • Cleaning too much can slow down healing.
  • After taking off the old bandage, put on a new one.

How PolyMem Wound Dressings Work:

Keep the Wound Clean:

  • The dressing has a gentle cleaner that activates when it gets wet.
  • This helps keep the wound clean by reducing tension between healthy tissue and debris.

Make Healing Easier:

  • Glycerin, a moisturizer in the dressing, makes sure the bandage doesn't stick to the wound.
  • It also keeps the wound comfortable, reduces bad smells, and supports the natural healing process.

Absorb Wound Fluid Efficiently:

  • The dressing can absorb a lot of fluid (up to ten times its weight) without falling apart.
  • It pulls in water from the wound, leaving behind the good stuff that helps the wound heal.

Protect and Let Breathe:

  • The thin film on top of the dressing keeps liquid out but lets oxygen and carbon dioxide pass through.
  • This helps maintain the right moisture balance for the wound to heal.
  • You can see through the film to know when it's time to change the dressing.



Size Circumference
#2 Medium 2.2" to 2.6" (57.0mm - 67.2mm)
#3 Large 2.6" to 3.0" (67.2mm - 77.4mm)




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