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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, NPWT, or vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) is a wound healing technique that helps in expediting the wound healing process.

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What is NPWT Therapy?

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, NPWT, or vacuum assisted closure (VAC) is a wound healing technique that helps in expediting the wound healing process. NPWT is a technique that began gaining prominence during the turn of the 20th century and has now become a part of wound care around the world. The use of vacuum to remove exudate, slough, and contaminants helps in increasing the healing speed as well as reducing the time needed for extra wound care. You can purchase several types of NPWT devices from top brands like Innovative Therapies Inc. and Cardinal Health from Shop Wound Care.


What is NPWT used for?


Negative pressure wound therapy is the utilization of foam dressings for maximum healing. It is a therapy that promotes the healing of wounds and their closure by removing the excess fluids that cause hindrances in the treatment. The wound site has excessive amounts of fluids that perturb the healing process, and the NPWT therapy helps remove the fluids out of the wound. This type of therapy is extremely effective as it distributes equal pressure across the entire wound site. It does so with minimal risks of aggravating any infection. Thus, many physicians recommend Negative Pressure Wound Therapy for wound care and treatment.


Benefits of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy


The Negative Pressure Wound Therapy which is also known as The Vaccum Assisted Closure, aids in wound healing by controlling the pressure and creating a negative pressure condition around the wound site. It has plenty other benefits as well, such as -

  • It helps in accelerating wound healing duration.
  • It reduces the chances of pathogenic infection.
  • It minimizes frequent dressing changes.
  • The VAC therapy also increases the blood circulation to the wound site while continuously pulling the excess fluids out of the wound.


What types of wounds are healed by NPWT?


Many physicians and doctors use the VAC technique on several different kinds of wounds such as -


How does Negative Pressure Wounds Therapy work?


  • First of all, start with cleaning the wound. Now the doctor will use a small size of foam dressing cut as per the size of the injury and fill the same with foam material. It works well in filtering dead tissues, blood clots, and other particles that may cause infections and clog the vacuum system.
  • Then the medical practitioner will place an occlusive polyurethane dressing over the wound site, which acts as an impermeable seal over the injury. Next, he will attach a vacuum pump designed exclusively to suit the purpose. Such negative pressure settings will boost the healing environment and extract the wound fluids out of the site.


How to initiate Negative Pressure Suction?


The medical practitioner will use a drain tube that is connected to the dressing. This dressing is further attached to a vacuum device. It then initiates the negative pressure suction process. It is started in either of the following ways -

Continual suction

This is for wounds that experience excessive drainage of fluids. In the initial stages of wound healing, such suctioning helps as there is the maximum fluid discharge during those periods.

Irregular suction

Unlike continual suction, it is a periodic cycle depending on the levels of wound exudation. Those wounds that have consistent discharge are benefitted from this form of suctioning as it helps in the maintenance of optimal moisture on the wound site.


Wound VAC Dressing Change


Although the removal process of used dressing and placing a fresh VAC dressing is pain-free, however, a person may feel a little pain depending on their threshold for pain. In case of excessive pain, certain pain relief medications are provided to the patient. It also helps in the healing of the wound.


Foam Dressing Advantages


The Foam dressings used for negative pressure wound therapy have a plethora of advantages.

  • Foam dressings aid in wound healing by facilitating high levels of absorbency and convenient fit for the patient.
  • It also helps in encouraging autolytic debridement and protecting wounds from damaging mechanical forces. Such debridement and mechanical force can destabilize the wound.
  • Subsequently, foam dressings are compatible with other dressing materials like compression bandages.
  • It is also an effective alternative to traditional dressings in terms of cost as they can be left unchanged for several days in a row.


Where can I buy Wound VAC Therapy Devices online?


At, you can find several different types of NPWT devices that aid in optimal wound healing from top brands like Medela and Smith & Nephew and many more at reasonable prices.


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