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What are Composite Wound Dressings?

The composite dressing has a multi-layered structure that combines different dressings into a single dressing that can address varying needs. When applied to the wound, it provides multiple functions like adhesion, absorption, and bacterial barrier. They can be used as primary or secondary dressings. Composite dressings are flexible and conformable to be used for most types of wounds. These dressings are appropriate for wounds with light to heavy exudate, healthy granulation tissue, necrotic tissue, or a mixture of necrotic and granulation tissue. Composite wound dressings come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Following are the benefits of composite dressings:

  • They are versatile and effective on both partial and full-thickness wounds.
  • The waterproof nature makes them suitable for areas at risk of exposure to moisture due to incontinence.
  • They provide a barrier to bacteria and other contaminants.

At Shop Wound Care, we offer a wide assortment of composite wound dressings at discounted prices. They are versatile, simple to apply, and provide a strong barrier to bacteria and other contaminants. Medline Stratasorb Composite Island Dressing has four distinct layers designed to cover all stages of wound care.

When can Composite Dressing be used?

Composite dressings are indicated for the following:

  • Post-operative wounds
  • Partial to full-thickness wounds
  • Laceration and abrasions
  • Lower extremity ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Surgical incisions
  • Acute or chronic wounds
  • IV Sites
  • Skin grafts and donor sites
  • Minor burns and scalds

Features of Composite Wound Dressings

  • Multilayer structure increases absorbency and autolysis 
  • Offer multiple functions in one dressing 
  • Promote autolytic debridement 
  • Moisture vapor permeable 
  • Can be used with topical medications 
  • Work well for infected wounds 
  • Come in a variety of shapes and sizes 
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Moldable

What are Composite Dressings made of?

Most of the composite dressings are made of three layers. These layers combine to form an antimicrobial barrier for moderate to heavy exuding wounds. Composite dressings are made up of different layers; non-adherent, absorbent, and bacterial barrier layers.

The bottom layer is usually made of semi or non-adherent material, allowing moisture to leak to the next layer and preventing the dressing from sticking to the wound bed.

The middle layer is composed of an absorbent material that wicks away moisture from the wound bed, keeping it moist for optimal healing but does not allow skin maceration.

The outermost layer is breathable and has anti-bacterial properties, protecting the wound. This layer also prevents moisture from leaking through to the top layer of dressing, thus reducing frequent dressing changes.

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