MepilexMepilex is a top-quality wound care brand from recognized manufacturer Molnlycke Health Care. It aims at providing outstanding solutions for safe, efficient surgical procedures and gentle, effective wound care. Mepilex Wound Dressing is designed to offer greater patient comfort and lesser trauma while changing dressings.

What is Mepilex Dressing?

Mepilex Wound Dressing is soft and highly conformable. It absorbs exudate effectively and maintains a moist wound environment for faster healing. This wound care dressing ensures a low risk of maceration. It employs Safetac technology that prevents the dressing from sticking to the wound bed and ensures that it can be changed without subjecting the patient to additional pain. Mepilex Dressing is ideal for use in low-to-moderately exuding wounds, venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers and traumatic wounds. Some of these dressings can be cut to fit any body location or an individual wound.

Top reasons to buy Mepilex Dressing

  • Enhances patient comfort during wear
  • Atraumatic to the wound and surrounding skin while dressing change
  • Most of them can be lifted and re-adjusted without losing adhesive
  • Less trauma and pain to the patient
  • Does not stick to the moist wound
  • Stays in place for several days based on the wound condition
  • Minimum risk of maceration
  • Easy to apply and remove

Types of Mepilex Wound Dressings

Molnlycke Mepilex provides an assortment of advanced wound care dressings, each with its own specialized features and benefits. It offers several options to fit the unique type and size of the wound. Mepilex Wound Dressings are broadly categorized into Mepilex Antimicrobial Dressings, Mepilex Foam Dressings, and Mepilex Wound Contact Layers. These dressings are tailored to satisfy varying customer needs and provide them with ultimate in comfort.

1. Mepilex Antimicrobial Dressings:

Mepilex Antimicrobial Dressings combine the two superior technologies – the antimicrobial action of ionic silver with the benefits of Mepilex Safetac technology. Rapid and sustained antimicrobial activity helps reduce the bioburden of a wide range of bacteria and acts as an antimicrobial barrier in wounds with a high risk for infection. Mepilex silver wound dressings inactivate a broad range of pathogens, including MRSA within 30 minutes of application and provide a sustained effect for up to 7 days.

Mepilex Ag:

Absorbent antimicrobial foam dressing for medium exuding chronic or acute wounds. It provides optimal exudate management with an advanced fluid handling mechanism. Mepilex Ag foam dressing does not slip under dressing retention and can be cut to size.

Mepilex Transfer Ag:

Antimicrobial wound contact layer with Safetac technology for less painful dressing changes. Mepilex Transfer Ag is a “multi-benefit” transfer dressing especially designed for low to high exuding wounds. It transfers exudate away from the wound into a secondary dressing and promotes undisturbed wound healing.

Mepilex Border Ag:

All-in-one antimicrobial foam dressing for pressure ulcers and other chronic and acute wounds. It has a backing film with dynamic permeability and a multi-layered “moisture control” foam pad. Mepilex Border Ag Dressing features excellent retention and effective exudate management. Self-adherent and low friction coefficient for secure fixation.

Mepilex Border Sacrum Ag:

All-in-one antimicrobial dressing for pressure ulcers and other chronic and acute wounds located on the sacral area. Mepilex Border Sacrum Ag is proven to minimize pain and skin damage at dressing changes. This medicated wound dressing is used where antimicrobial properties are indicated.

Mepilex Heel Ag:

Absorbent antimicrobial heel-shaped foam dressing with Mepilex Safetac technology. Absorbs exudates effectively and ensures a low risk of maceration. Mepilex Heel Ag has gentle adherence with better conformability and comfort. It may be easily cut for customization.

2. Mepilex Foam Dressings:

Mepilex Foam Dressings offer Safetac technology and come in a variety of shapes and sizes with bordered and non-bordered versions. They combine new enhanced backing film together with the highly conformable absorbent foam for efficient fluid handling. Mepilex wound care dressings minimize pain and wound or skin damage at dressing change. They are indicated for a wide range of low to medium exuding wounds. They can also be cut to shape, making them ideal for difficult-to-dress areas.


Soft and conformable foam dressing designed for a wide range of acute and chronic wounds. Mepilex absorbent foam dressing features soft silicone wound-contact layer, a flexible absorbent pad of polyurethane foam and a breathable, moisture-proof outer film.

Mepilex Lite:

Thin foam dressing for low exuding acute and chronic wounds. Mepilex Lite dressing has a low profile that conforms well to body contours. It is ideal for difficult-to-dress areas like armpits or under the breast. Mepilex Lite dressing has gentle adherence with a better stay-on-ability.

Mepilex Heel:

Absorbent heel dressing is ideal for treating a wide range of medium to highly exuding wounds. The soft and conformable design easily fits the heel. Mepilex Heel prevents the pooling of exudate behind the heel by offering a secure contact over the entire wound area.

Mepilex XT:

Conformable, absorbent foam dressing designed to better manage all types of exudates. Mepilex XT absorbs both low and high viscosity fluid. It can be used in all exuding wound healing stages. Mepilex XT dressing offers greater comfort and less pain to the patient during dressing changes.

Mepilex Border:

All-in-one foam dressing for diabetic foot ulcers and other acute and chronic wounds. Multi-layered wound pad construction promotes optimal moisture balance and fluid uptake. Soft edges help protect sensitive skin. Mepilex Border is soft, shower-proof, and easily conforms to difficult body contours.

Mepilex Border Lite:

Thin and conformable foam dressing is ideal for treating diabetic foot ulcers and other acute and chronic wounds. Molnlycke Mepilex Border Lite is discreet and very thin to let patients live a normal life. Easily conforms to dress wounds on toes, feet, hands, and fingers.

Mepilex Border Flex:

Oval-shaped all-in-one foam dressing for challenging body contours. Flex technology allows the dressing to better stretch and conform. Mepilex Border Flex has a unique 5-layer absorbent foam structure. Minimize rolling and increase both conformability and ability to stay in place.

Mepilex Border Heel:

Shaped foam dressing, designed especially for heels. Mepilex Border Heel Dressing offers the necessary conformability and adhesive capability to allow for greater patient mobility. It can be adjusted without losing its adherent properties.

Mepilex Border Sacrum:

All-in-one foam dressing for pressure ulcers and other acute and chronic wounds of the sacral area. Mepilex Border Sacrum is made for the sacrum – soft and conformable. It is atraumatic to the wound and surrounding skin on removal.

3. Mepilex Wound Contact Layers:

Mepilex Wound Contact Layers are used to protect the sensitive granulated wound bed and ensure a moist wound healing environment. They use Mepilex Safetac technology which is non-adherent to the moist wound bed and adheres gently to the surrounding skin. Mepilex Wound Contact Layers ensure removal with minimal trauma and pain.

Mepilex Transfer:

Effective and comfortable exudate transfer dressing. Transfers exudate away from the wound and minimize the risk of maceration. Thin, conformable, and convenient for difficult-to-dress wounds. Mepilex Transfer dressing can be cut to suit various wound shapes.

What is Mepilex Safetac Technology?

The unique proprietary Safetac technology of Molnlycke resides closest to the skin. It has been proven to minimize pain to patients during dressing changes and does not cause skin reactions.

Mepilex Safetac Technology

  • Molnlycke dressing drastically reduces both the pain and tissue damage in wound management
  • Without the trauma of maceration and skin-stripping, the healing process is accelerated
  • Mepilex medicated wound dressing does not adhere to the moist wound bed, but only to dry skin
  • Adheres gently to the surrounding skin for easy application of secondary fixation
  • Seals the wound margins and reduces the risk of maceration
  • For pressure ulcer prevention, its elasticity dissipates shear forces and provides assistance with the dressing after skin assessment