Molnlycke Biogel NeoDerm Neoprene Powder Free Surgical Glove

Molnlycke Biogel NeoDerm Neoprene Powder Free Surgical Glove

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Molnlycke Biogel NeoDerm Neoprene Powder Free Surgical Glove is sterile, powder-free, synthetic polychloroprene glove that reduces the possibility of glove-related latex protein sensitization because it is made from a synthetic elastomer. The Biogel NeoDerm Neoprene Surgical Glove is recommended for use in all general surgeries or surgeries where latex allergies are a concern for patients or clinicians.

Benefits of Biogel NeoDerm Neoprene Surgical Glove

  • Unique Biogel coating on the inner surface makes glove easy to don even with damp hands
  • Manufactured without the chemicals commonly known as accelerators (thiurams mercaptobenzothiazole, diphenylthiourea, diphenyl guanidine, dithiocarbamates)
  • Soothes the skin to help prevent moisture loss
  • Beaded cuff for added security
  • Every glove is air inflation tested and visually inspected for quality and user confidence
  • Industry-leading AQL freedom from holes of 0.65
  • Powder-free to eliminate starch powder-related complications
  • Curved finger design
  • Micro-roughened surface
  • Color: Light Brown
  • Not Chemo Approved
  • Material Information:
    - Synthetic polychloroprene
    - Biogel polymer coating

General Information of Biogel NeoDerm

  • Contraindications:
    - Do not use this product if you have a known allergy to chemical additives other than the chemicals listed above
  • Pyrogenicity:
    - Each batch of Biogel gloves is certified to be either non-pyrogenic or to have a low endotoxin level (<0.5 EU/ml)
  • Product Standards:
    - Biogel gloves are tested and manufactured to the following standards: Quality / Environmental- ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001
    - Sterilization- Gamma irradiation ((25 kGy (2.5 Mrad)), EN552, EN556
    - Viral Penetration- Bacteriophage test, ASTM F1671
    - Allergenicity / Pyrogenicity- ISO 10993, (PART 5 and 10) / US Pharmacopoeia USP: (151 & 85)
  • Storage:
    - Store in a cool, dry place away from sources of heat or direct sunlight
  • Disposal:
    - Gloves and Outer Wrap dispose of as for clinical waste. Paper Inner Wrap, Collation Case and Transit Case can be recycled as paper or disposed of as for clinical waste.

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