Crawford KerraMax Care Super Absorbent Dressing

Crawford KerraMax Care Super Absorbent Dressing

  • FSA Approved

Crawford KerraMax Care Super Absorbent Dressing is crafted to efficiently absorb and retain substantial exudates, thereby reducing discomfort and the need for frequent dressing changes. Its wicking layer enhances absorption while remaining dry to the touch, preventing moisture from reaching healthy skin. This dressing adeptly absorbs potentially harmful exudate, securely locking it within to prevent leakage or dripping. In doing so, it enhances patient comfort, mitigates the risk of maceration, and promotes the well-being of the surrounding skin.

Features of Crawford KerraMax Care Absorbent Dressings

  • Heat-sealed border to prevent exudate leakage
  • Effective at reducing proteinases (MMPs)
  • Can be used as a primary or secondary dressing
  • Stackable to increase absorption for very wet wounds

Item # Desc Pkg Price
PRD500-050 4" x 4" Each
PRD500-050 4" x 4" 10/Pack
PRD500-120 4" x 9" Each
PRD500-120 4" x 9" 10/Pack
PRD500-240 8" x 9" Each
PRD500-240 8" x 9" 10/Pack
PRD500-380-B10 8" x 12" Each
PRD500-380-B10 8" x 12" 10/Pack

Benefits of Crawford KerraMax Care Super Absorbent Dressing

KerraMax Care Dressings

  1. Soft, non-woven material: Helps to provide improved comfort for the patient, along with excellent transpiration
  2. Unique horizontal wicking layer: Effectively increases capacity by drawing up exudate and distributing it, horizontally and vertically, throughout the dressing, absorbing both thin and thicker exudate
  3. Super-absorbent core with Exu-safe technology: locks exudate and potentially harmful bacteria2 away from the wound, so the dressing remains dry to the touch, improving comfort and facilitating healing.
  4. Heat-sealed border: Prevents leakage from the dressing so that the patient remains clean and comfortable for a longer period. Adhesive free.


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How to apply Crawford KerraMax Dressings?

  • Cleanse the wound according to local procedures. Select an appropriate dressing size
  • The dressing pad needs to overlap the edge of the wound. Do not cut the dressing.
  • Open the pack and lay the sterile pad on the wound. Either side of the sterile pad may be used. Stack dressings for additional absorption.
  • Lightly cover with a bandage or wrap to secure the dressing, refer to your local guidelines for further guidance
  • Check the dressing at regular intervals and change according to the clinical condition of the wound, or when saturated.

Frequency of Change:

Check the dressing at regular intervals and change according to the clinical condition of the wound, or when saturated. It can be left in place for several days. However, this depends upon the condition of the wound and the skin in the peri-wound area.

Precautions to take while using KerraMax Care Absorbent Dressing

  • Do not use KerraMax Care on dry wounds, eyes, mucous membranes or in any cavities or sinuses (as the dressing will swell during absorption).

  • Use with caution under high compression as, again, the dressing will swell.

  • Dispose in normal waste if used in a household.

  • Dispose in special clinical waste if used in a clinical establishment.

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