Enluxtra Self-Adaptive Smart Wound Dressing

Enluxtra Self-Adaptive Smart Wound Dressing

Brand/Manufacturer: OSNovative Systems Inc.
  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Enluxtra Humifiber Wound Dressing is a self-regulating absorbent fiber wound dressing with the highest adaptive absorbency and built-in adaptive hydration function. Enluxtra patented technology continuously monitors and counterbalances the factors that may hinder wound healing, cause wound atrophy, and further difficulties. Enluxtra Self-Adaptive Dressing vertically absorbs exudate in exuding wound zones, while hydrating dry wound zones, removes slough, necrotic tissue debris, and harmful bacteria away from the wound. The moist healing environment and effective ongoing cleansing of the wound encourage faster healing and significantly lessens risks of wound deterioration and complications.

Enluxtra Humifiber Self-Adaptive Dressing Highlights

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex free
  • Non-toxic
  • Contains no active medications
  • Causes no side effects when used correctly

Best Price Guarantee

Item # Desc Pkg Price
AWD-5-1010C Enluxtra Dressing; 4" x 4" 10/Pack
AWD-5-1010C Enluxtra Dressing; 4" x 4" 100/Case
AWD-5-1515-5C Enluxtra Dressing; 6" x 6" Each
AWD-5-1515-5C Enluxtra Dressing; 6" x 6" 5/Pack
AWD-5-1515-5C Enluxtra Dressing; 6" x 6" 10/Pack
AWD-5-1515-5C Enluxtra Dressing; 6" x 6" 100/Case

Features of Enluxtra Smart Wound Dressing

  • Bacteriostatic
  • Protects healthy surrounding skin
  • Supports autolytic debridement
  • Non-adherent dressing
  • High comfort absorbent dressing
  • Full compatibility with care protocols and other modalities
  • Locks absorbed fluid and reduce skin maceration
  • Non-traumatic and painless removal
  • Absorbed exudate is not released under high pressure, body weight or compression wrap
  • Does not adhere to the wound
  • Microbial and strike through barrier
  • Highly positive feedback on usability and performance from patients and clinicians


What makes Enluxtra Humifiber Wound Dressing unique?

  1. Enluxtra Humifiber Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing is able to sense the wounds need and act accordingly. If a wound or even a part of it changes its state while the Enluxtra Dressing is in place, the dressing will automatically and reversibly change its function locally in this particular area.
  2. If a part of a dry/granulating wound starts exuding, the dressing at this area switches its local function from hydration to absorption, while other dressing areas continue hydrating the dry parts of the wound.
  3. If the wound stops exuding, the local function of the dressing reverts back to hydration.
  4. Vulnerable peri-wound skin, when covered with the Enluxtra dressing, is always protected from factors that negatively affect its skin barrier function. With this technology, maceration and desiccation will never occur, thus resulting in a more desirable healing process of any wound in any stage.
  5. Enluxtra is made of super-absorbent synthetic polymers and inactive bio-inert components.
  6. Patented proprietary structural design and physical properties of the synthetic polymers are at the core of Enluxtra dressings.
  7. Enluxtra Humifiber Wound Dressing is a hypoallergenic product with no latex or active medications in its composition.
  8. Moist Wound Healing standard of care is automatically ensured. Enluxtra Self-Adaptive dressing supports granulation, re-epithelialization and new skin remodeling simultaneously within the wound. This results in less scarring and improves the aesthetic appearance of the healed wound site.
  9. Enluxtra Humifiber Self-Adaptive Absorbent Dressing can absorb 1500% of its own weight and locks the fluid in. The absorbed exudate is not released under high pressure (body weight) or compression wrap. It is unlikely to squeeze the absorbed fluid back from the dressing.
  10. Self-Adaptive dressing effectively manages wound drainage and prevents exudate leakage while protecting the peri-wound skin from maceration.
  11. Enluxtra dressings are able to absorb, lock-in and keep away from the wound a huge amount of wound exudate.
  12. Facilitates autolytic debridement and painless slough removal,making painful sharp debridement unnecessary or less frequently required.
  13. Mechanical integrity: Enluxtra Dressing is designed to absorb a huge amount of exudate while retaining its original mechanical integrity and can easily be removed without leaving residue in the wound.
  14. Serves as a microbial and strike through the barrier: The dressing is breathable, liquid and microorganism impermeable. It does not need secondary film dressing.
  15. Reduces bioburden in the wound, stops biofilm formation. Drug-free bioburden reduction due to lock-in function. Dressing holds absorbed exudate with its harmful components and bacteria away from the wound. When exudate is absorbed into the dressing material, water is chemically bound to polymer molecules and is no longer available to the sequestered microorganisms. Without water supply, they cannot replicate and die. Each freshly applied dressing decreases the bioburden, repairs the peri-wound area and prevents the introduction of more irritants and microbes that perpetuate bacteria growth.
  16. The application of Self-Adaptive Dressing is easy

Enluxtra Dressing is used for all healing stages

Enluxtra: Wound Site

  • Enluxtra Wound Dressing Protocol

    Enluxtra User Guide

    When to use Enluxtra Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing?

    • Pressure Ulcers
    • Arterial ulcers
    • Diabetic ulcers
    • Venous ulcers
    • Deep/tunneling wounds
    • Surgical
    • Traumatic
    • Skin grafts and donor sites
    • Burns (thermal, chemical, radiation)
    • Treatment of edema/lymphedema and optimization of cellular function

    Contraindications of Enluxtra Smart Wound Dressing

    • Known sensitivity
    • Heavy arterial bleeding
    • Do not pack Enluxtra into the wound cavity. Use a recommended wound filler instead.
    • Do not use wound fillers that shrink (such as alginates) when using Enluxtra.
    • Do not use thick and viscous pastes (such as petroleum based products or honey) under Enluxtra.
    • Do not use alginate, hydro-cellulose fibers or collagen dressings under Enluxtra.

    Consult a clinician if one is facing these problems while using Enluxtra Humifiber Wound Dressing

    • Excessive drainage
    • or change in color Redness
    • or warmth around the wound
    • Pain or tenderness Unusual odor

    What to buy with Enluxtra Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing

  • How to use Enluxtra Humifiber Dressing?

    1. Select the appropriate size of Enluxtra Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing, allowing for at least a 3/4 inch skin overlap around the wound (the more overlap, the better).
    2. Apply the dressing to the wound with the printed side facing out.
    3. If the wound is elongated, align the dressing so that it is placed diagonally along the longest central line of the wound.
    4. Allow for more skin overlap in the direction of the natural exudate flow to help the dressing trap and lock in the flowing exudate.
    5. It is not recommended to cut Enluxtra to the size of the wound. The more healthy skin around the wound is protected by the dressing, the better.
    6. However, you may trim the dressing if its edges interfere with nearby body parts.
    7. Make sure that the dressing is in contact with the wound bed. If you are not sure that the dressing is touching the deep wound bed, press it from outside with folded gauze pads and wrap over, or use wound filler for cavity or tunneling wounds.
    8. Note: Please do not use Enluxtra Self-Adaptive Dressings as a wound filler

    How To Use the Enluxtra Dressing?
    How To Use the Enluxtra Dressing
    How To Use the Enluxtra Dressing

    Special Case Usage of Enluxtra Wound Dressing

    Enluxtra Special Case Usage

    In cases where incontinence is involved, the dressing edges must be closed by water-resistant adhesive tape.

    Special Case Usage of Enluxtra

    If the wound size is larger than the available dressing size, you can use 2 or more dressings placed on the wound side by side and taped together.

     Special Case Usage of Enluxtra

    Place the dressing in a diagonal direction on coccyx wounds.

    How to use Enluxtra Dressing on a new wound ?

    1. Assess wound conditions. If slough is present, use the Slough Removal Protocol.
    2. Apply the appropriately sized Enluxtra dressing onto the wound allowing at least 3/4 inch of dressing margin/overlap onto the healthy skin or at least 1 inch for high drainage. The larger the dressing size, the higher its absorbing capacity.
    3. Keep the first dressing on the wound for 2-3 days.
    4. Remove the dressing, assess the wound conditions.
    5.  If the wound conditions are improving, apply a new Enluxtra dressing. You may start reducing the frequency of dressing changes gradually to once a week or even once per 10 days as the wound heals.
    6. If wound conditions are not improving and any of the following symptoms are present:
      • Leakage from under the dressing edge: use larger size of Enluxtra
      • Foul odor: check if the dressing stays in good contact with the wound bed
      • Buildup of slough: check if the dressing stays in good contact with the wound bed
      • Worsened peri-wound skin and wound edge: use larger size of Enluxtra.
    7. Do not use skin preps with Enluxtra.
    8. Also it is possible that pre-existing infection could be present and should be addressed. The dressing has to be changed more frequently until you see signs of improvement. Then you can start reducing the dressing change frequency.
    9. If the drainage is controlled and the wound has healthy granulation with leveled edges but appears to be not healing, this indicates that:
      • The wound may need off-loading
      • Underlying conditions have to be addressed
      • Patient is not compliant
      • Other factors exist that are unrelated to the dressing

    Precautions to be taken while using Enluxtra Wound Dressing

  • Sterile unless damaged or opened
  • Single-use
  • Store at temperatures below 100°F
  • When to change Enluxtra Dressing?

    Enluxtra: Wound Site
    It is time to change Enluxtra when the exudate, visible through the backing film, gets close to the edge of the dressing.

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