Medline Skin Affix Topical Skin Adhesive Applicator

Medline Skin Affix Topical Skin Adhesive Applicator

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Medline Skin Affix Topical Skin Adhesive Applicator is a sterile, high viscosity liquid topical skin adhesive used to close simple lacerations, wounds, and minimally invasive surgical procedures. Skin Affix can replace sutures that are 5-0 or smaller in diameter for minimally invasive surgical incisions or simple trauma lacerations. It is designed to save time during wound repair, provide a flexible, water-resistant microbial barrier, and eliminate the need for suture removal. The adhesive forms a film that remains in place for 5 to 10 days and naturally sloughs off as the skin is renewed.


Medline Skin Affix Topical Skin Adhesive Applicator Highlights:

  • Fast setting
  • Naturally sloughing (5-10 days)
  • Low exothermic reaction
  • Flexible and water-resistant
  • High viscosity formulation
  • Sterile 2-octyl cyanoacrylate
  • Strong and flexible layer of protection
  • Does not contain Iodine or Betadine

Item # Desc Pkg Price
MSC091040H Size: 0.4mL Each
MSC091040Z Size: 0.4mL 12/Pack

Skin Affix Topical Skin Adhesive Features

  • Comprised of a proprietary 2 octyl- cyanoacrylate which polymerizes within minutes for secure and strong wound closure
  • Applicator is designed to provide versatile coverage with less adhesive material
  • Hollow tip design offers prolonged use to increase efficiency in the OR/ER and reduce wasted adhesive
  • Purple tint for visualization during application makes application an easy process
  • Provided in a single patient use applicator packaged in a paper pouch
  • Comprised of a crushable glass ampoule contained within a plastic applicator with attached applicator tip
  • Remains liquid until it is applied to the skin
  • Water-resistant and an effective microbial barrier
  • Topical skin adhesive acts as a barrier to microbial penetration as long as the adhesive film remains intact
  • Latex-free

Medline Topical Skin Adhesive Guide

What to buy with Medline Skin Affix Topical Skin Adhesive

How to use Skin Affix Adhesive Applicator?

  • Step One: Activate Device
    • While holding upright, squeeze middle of the device until a crackling sound is heard
  • Step Two: Prime Device
    • Invert the tip and gently squeeze up to three times to prime the device
    • When the tip turns purple, SkinAffix is ready to use
    • Ensure that wound is thoroughly clean and dry prior to closure
  • Step Three: Apply Adhesive
    • While holding the wound edges together, apply a single, even coat of SkinAffix over the length of the wound, using the tip of the device to distribute and prevent pooling of the adhesive.
    • Note that applying excessive adhesive may lead to a delay in dry time
    • Continue to hold the wound edges together for approximately 60 seconds
    • Do not apply dressings or gowns until SkinAffix is completely dry (approx. 2mins)

How to care for Wound with Medline Skin Adhesive?

  • Keep the wound dry: Do not soak or scrub the wound area. To dry, gently pat with a soft towel or cloth. If bandaged, keep the bandage dry or replace if it becomes wet.
  • Avoid topical medications: Do not apply liquid or ointment medications, lotions, creams, petroleum jelly, mineral oils or any other product to your wound while skin affix adhesive film is in place.
  • Do not rub, scratch or pick at the wound: Doing so may prevent the wound from closing appropriately and cause scarring.
  • Protect the wound from prolonged sunlight exposure: Do not use tanning lamps while the film is in place.
  • Check the wound appearance: Some swelling, redness and pain are common with all wounds and normally will go away as the wound heals. Contact your doctor immediately if swelling, redness or pain increases; if the wound feels warm to the touch; or if the wound edges reopen or separate.
  • Skin affix will naturally shed itself between 5 and 10 days after the procedure. By this time, your wound should be sufficiently healed.

When to use Skin Affix Adhesive Applicator?

  • Topical skin adhesive is intended for topical applications only, to hold closed easily approximated skin edges of wounds from surgical incisions, including punctures from minimally invasive surgery and simple, thoroughly cleansed, trauma induced lacerations.
  • May be used in conjunction with, but not in place of, deep dermal stitches.


  • Do not use on any wounds with evidence of microbial, bacterial, or fungal infections or gangrene.
  • Do not use on mucosal surfaces or across mucocutaneous junctions, or on skin that may be regularly exposed to body fluids.
  • Do not use on patients that have a hypersensitivity to cyanoacrylates or formaldehyde
  • Do not apply internally, inject intravascularly, or ingest.
  • Do not use decubitus ulcers, animal or human bite wounds, or stab wounds.


  • This product is meant for external dermal application only.
  • Hold applicator away from yourself and the patient and break ampoule close to its centre one time only. Do not crush the contents of the applicator tube repeatedly as further manipulation of the applicator may cause glass shard penetration of the plastic tube.
  • Safety and effectiveness of Skin Affix topical skin adhesive has not been evaluated for use on wounds of patients with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, diseases or conditions that are known to interfere with the wound healing process, or a personal or family history of keloid formation or hypertrophic scarring.
  • Safety and effectiveness has not been evaluated on wounds that have been treated with Skin Affix topical skin adhesive and then exposed for prolonged periods of time to direct sunlight and tanning lamps.
  • Skin Affix topical skin adhesive permeability by topical medications or other fluids is not known and has not been studied.
  • Liquid, ointment, or cream medications should not be applied to the wound after closure with Skin Affix, as these substances may weaken the polymerized film which may allow for wound dehiscence.
  • If unintended bonding of intact skin with Skin Affix should occur, removal may be accomplished by using either acetone or petroleum jelly. Typical cleansers such as soap and other agents such as water, saline, Betadine, or chlorhexidine gluconate are not expected to loosen the bond. Peel, do not pull skin apart.
  • Skin Affix topical skin adhesive is a viscous liquid prior to polymerization. To prevent inadvertant flow of Skin Affix topical skin adhesive to unintended areas the wound should be placed in a horizontal position, with Skin Affix topical skin adhesive applied from above.


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