SkinStitch Skin Adhesive With Applicator

SkinStitch Skin Adhesive With Applicator

Brand/Manufacturer: SKINSTITCH CORP
  • FSA Approved

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SkinStitch Skin Adhesive With Applicator is used in the painless treatment of minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and minor irritations of the skin and helps protect them from infection. Patients, especially children, can become anxious about how their lacerations will be treated. A key benefit of SkinStitch is its unique applicator, the applicator allows full view of the work area, offering better control and full usage of its contents.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
51002 Skin Adhesive 10/Pack
51005 Skin Adhesive, 0.5 10/Box


  • SkinStitch Skin Adhesive With Applicator forms an antimicrobial barrier
  • The repair is permanent and usually does not require a follow-up visit
  • Procedure is completed quickly, and the patient can quickly resume normal activities
  • Improve the chances of optimum cosmetic results
  • Faster patient turnaround
  • No anxiety or trepidation
  • Ease of use

More Information

  • How to Apply:
    - It is a great way to close and protect most minor wounds
    - For optimum results and to lessen scarring, wound edges should be straight and lie together naturally
    - Clean and dry the skin thoroughly
    - Stabilize the wound edges from top to bottom and be sure the edges are matched correctly
    - Ensure that the wound edges are flat, meet perfectly and are not rolled under
    - Apply a series of small dots of SkinStitch glue sparingly at wound edges, but not in the wound
    - The dots allow for better control of the glue application
    - While holding the edges together, use the applicator to pull the adhesive across to the other side of the wound
    - Thus, you are essentially creating a bridge across the wound
    - Hold for 30 seconds while the glue hardens
    - Apply a second thin layer
    - Two or three thin layers are better than one thick layer, as thick applications do not enhance bonding and tend to crack and loosen prematurely
    - No further dressing is required
  • After Care Instructions:
    - Keep the treated area clean and dry
    - Do not soak or go swimming
    - Shower briefly, pat the area dry, do not rub
    - Do not pick at the liquid bandage
    - Let the SkinStitch fall off on its own (This will generally occur at the 7 to 10 day mark)
    - If your doctor tells you to change a Steri Strip bandage avoid putting the sticky part of bandage directly over the SkinStitch
    - Infection or pulling apart of the edges require immediate consultation
    - If you notice warmth or redness increasing, contact your physician
    - Do not apply an antibiotic ointment
    - This actually causes the molecules of the glues bond to breakdown faster
    - For 12 months, be meticulous about putting sunscreen on the treated area to avoid pigment changes in the new skin
    - Avoid sun bathing or tanning lights

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