BSN Cutimed Protect Foam Applicator

BSN Cutimed Protect Foam Applicator

Brand/Manufacturer: BSN MEDICAL
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BSN Cutimed Protect Foam Applicator is for fast, clean and precise application to wound margins and peri-wound skin. All phases of the healing process can benefit from the skin protection provided by this applicator. It provides a long lasting protective barrier film that shields at risk skin from external factors working against skin and wound healing wherever they may be present. From mechanical stressors such as friction, shear and dressing removal to chemical factors such as exudate and incontinence, skin remains protected and free from irritants.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
7265402 1.1oz (3ml) 5/Pack
7265403 Foam Applicator, 1.1oz (3ml) 25/Pack

Features of BSN Applicator

  • BSN Cutimed Protect Foam Applicator promotes dressing adhesion and pain-free dressing removal
  • Protects wound margins and peri-wound skin:
    - From external factors including wound exudate, incontinence, friction, shear and adhesive removal
  • Preserves and maintains intact skin:
    - Provides a protective breathable film cover to prevent further damage and encourage healing
  • Prevents maceration and peri-wound skin:
    - Breakdown by providing up to 96 hours of moisture barrier action
  • Promotes dressing adhesion and pain free dressing removal:
    - Cutimed PROTECT provides an efficient foundation for adhesives and a protective interface to shield skin and nerves during adhesive dressing or tape removal
  • Durable and long lasting 96 hours of proven protection
    - Cutimed PROTECT has been shown to maintain its barrier function for at least 96 hours against skin staining reagents
    - Cutimed PROTECT will be there to shield against moisture and mechanical stress
  • Adhesive dressing adhesion:
    - Adhesive dressing applied to Cutimed PROTECT treated skin adhere better and stay on longer
    - At dressing removal time, Cutimed PROTECT prevents skin stripping and pain associated with adhesive removal
  • Non-occlusive protection:
    - Cutimed PROTECT regulates transdermal water loss and maintains a healthy level of skin hydration
    - Cutimed PROTECT creates a protective film while maintaining high MVTR and gas (oxygen) permeability necessary for skin functions
  • Used for:
    - Protection of intact or stressed skin at risk from
    - Exudate
    - Incontinence
    - Friction and shear
    - Adhesive dressing removal
    - Digestive enzymes (ostomy)
    - Maceration

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