Dynarex Cotton Tipped Applicators
Dynarex Cotton Tipped Applicators

Dynarex Cotton Tipped Applicators

  • FSA Approved

Dynarex Cotton Tipped Applicators are designed in uniform length and shape. Cotton tips are highly absorbent. It has a highly absorbent tip that is soft and gentle on the skin. Cotton Tipped Applicator is a convenient tool for first aid kit.

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4302 Non-Sterile 1000/Pack $0.19
4304 Sterile 100/Pack $0.15


  • Dynarex Cotton Tipped Applicators are 6" long
  • Sterile applicators are packaged in convenient peel-down pouches
  • Bag is autoclavable with a colored auto claving process marker, turning reddish pink to brown

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

question image
       Would you please be so kind to do me a favor and let me know how accurate the photograph of these Applicators are? 
       By looking at this picture the Cotton Tips appear to have a very generous amount Cotton!!  
       I use Cotton Applicators for Cryotherapy where these Applicators are dipped straight into pure Liquid Nitrogen numerous times per treatment.  
       Having a generous amount of Cotton on the tip of these Applicators allow for custom shaping by pulling and conforming the Cotton to the approximate size of the Affliction (I. E. : Skin Tags, Warts, Age Spots, Moles, Precancerous Skin Growth Issues, etc). 
       So pleeeeze...  
Let me know if this photograph is the real deal and of the actual product being offered!! 

Thank You VERY Much!!! 
Lost Wages, Nevada 
U. S. A. 🌎✌😎
Steve - 8/22/2016 1:59:23 PM
answer image
Thank you for contacting customer care service.
 Now the photograph on our site is the real and of the actual product.
Customer Care - 8/26/2016 2:01:48 AM
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