Winter Skin Care – Tips and Advice!

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Winter brings with it a bulk of skin problems including dry, flaky skin and chapped lips. To overcome such skin conditions, it is very important that you switch to a winter skin care regime that keeps the skin soft, supple and hydrated. Winter skin care regime should include all such products that minimize the risks of skin damage due to snow, wind chills and winter sun. Keeping the skin moisturized and nourished all through the fall and winter months can be a challenging task. Therefore, lotions, moisturizers and lip balms should be used, and some skin care tips for winters to keep the skin healthy all season long must be followed.

Lotions and Moisturizers

Body Lotions and Moisturizers are a must have for proper skin care in winters. They provide an intense burst of moisture and keep the skin smooth and supple throughout the winter months. Lotions and moisturizers provide relief from severely afflicted dry, flaky and cracked skin conditions. Your winter skin care should not stop at your face, but reach throughout the body to keep it soft and hydrated.

Winter Skin Care

Benefits of Using Lotions and Moisturizers in Winters

You can gain following benefits by including proper body lotions and moisturizers in your winter skin care regime:

  • Keep the skin hydrated: Applying body lotions keeps the body hydrated and prevents the skin from getting dried and chapped. It locks moisture deep into the skin.
  • Replenish rough areas of the body: Some body parts like knees and elbows mostly suffer from roughness. Putting body lotion and moisturizers on these body areas after a bath will keep the skin moisturized.
  • Give a glow to the skin: Body lotions give a glowing and brightening effect to the skin tone. They brighten up the skin by removing all the dead flakes.
  • Soothe out calluses: It is normal in winters that our feet develop rough calluses. They might get unsightly and painful. Applying some body lotion can help in making the areas soft again.
  • Give a relaxed feeling: A gentle massage with a body lotion can always help in reducing the stress and relaxing the nerves.
  • Feel and smell good: Perfumed lotions and moisturizers can help you feel good and active all day long.

Lip Care Products

Lip care products are very important to keep the lips moisturized and hydrated throughout the winters. Lip balms help in sealing the moisture and soothing the dry and chapped lips. They protect the lips from harsh winter chills and cold water, and replenishes the soft skin. They are the best way to keep the lips looking healthy and plumped.

Winter Skin Care

Benefits of Using Lip Balms in Winters

Following are the benefits you can gain by including proper lip care products in your winter skin care regime:

  • Remove chapped lips: Lip balms take away the embarrassment caused by chapped lips. They re-hydrate the lips and make them soft and beautiful again.
  • Keep your lips supple: Just with a sweep of the lip balm, your dry lips can turn into supple and plump lips perfect for a star pout.
  • Provide smooth base for lip color: It is easy to apply a lip color on moisturized lips. By putting a coat of lip balm before applying lipstick, you can achieve this.
  • SPF protection: Some lip balms also provide SPF protection from winter sun.

Skin Care Tips For Winter

The basic question that arises in winters is 'how to take care of skin in winters?' To this, we have some winter skin tips that will help you in taking better care of your skin and keeping it healthier.

  • Cleansing - Toning - Moisturizing (CTM): Deep cleanse your face, apply a toner and moisturize the skin with a cream or lotion to fight winter dryness and get a healthy, supple and hydrated skin.
  • Keep your hands hydrated: Just like face, the skin of our hands is also very delicate and gets damaged by harsh winters. Apply lotion to keep it hydrated and wear gloves to protect it from winter chills.
  • Drink enough water: Drinking enough water is important not only in summers but also in winters. It keeps the skin hydrated and glowing.
  • Avoid using hot water: Hot water may give you a relaxed feeling in winters, but actually, it is not good for skin. It takes away moisture from the skin and leaves it dehydrated. The same happens if you use too cold water. Therefore, the best way is to use lukewarm water for bathing and washing face.
  • Use Humidifiers: Winter chills can reduce moisture from the skin, leaving it dry, chapped and dull. Use of a humidifier can provide moisture back to the skin and prevent the damaging effects of winter from harming the skin.
  • Reduce the use of skin scrubber: Scrubbers should be used throughout the year, but over scrubbing should be avoided because it can damage the skin, especially during the dry winter season.
  • Protect yourselves from winter chills: Winter chills can extensively harm your skin. Apart from moisturizing, it is also important to use a physical cover to protect the skin. You can use scarves, gloves, multiple jackets, full sweaters, warm boots, etc. to cover the body.
  • Wear Sunscreen: Sun might be weak in the winters, but still it can harm your skin. Always wear a sunscreen when go out in the sun.
  • Overnight moisturization: Use night creams and lotions before going to the bed at night. You can also wear gloves to keep the moisture locked in.
  • Avoid using damp make up: Do not use make ups that can clog up the pores making the skin dry.


All about Winter Skin Care – Tips and Advice!


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