Nurse Assist USP Sterile Saline For Irrigation

Nurse Assist USP Sterile Saline For Irrigation

Brand/Manufacturer: NURSE ASSIST, INC.
  • FSA Approved

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The Nurse Assist Inc USP Normal Sterile Saline for Irrigation is super clean. They use a special 6-step cleaning process, including things like Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet Bacterial Elimination, to make sure it's really pure. This makes sure that the Sterile Saline meets or goes beyond the standards set by the USP, which is a big deal for quality.

Why choose Nurse Assist USP Normal Sterile Saline

  • It's completely clean and safe to use
  • You don't have to do anything special; it's ready to use as it is
  • They made it really clean using a fancy 6-stage process

Features of Nurse Assist USP Normal Sterile Saline

  • Purified with an advanced multi-stage process using Reverse Osmosis
  • The cleanser goes through six stages of cleaning to make sure it's really pure
  • It's already sterile and good to use right away
  • You can pick from different package options that suit what you need
  • The process includes Reverse Osmosis, Deionization, Ion Exchange, Ultraviolet Bacterial Elimination, Micro Filtration, and finally, Sterilization with Gamma Radiation

What to buy with Saline Solutions


  • Not for injection
  • No antimicrobial or other substances added
  • Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician
  • Contents are sterile unless the container is opened or damaged

Frequently Asked Questions

What is normal saline for irrigation?

It's a mixture of salt and water, and the salt level is similar to that in our blood and tears.

Why use normal saline for irrigation?

It's the safest choice and matches our body's natural conditions. It's not the best for cleaning really dirty wounds, though.

Is the multipurpose solution the same as saline?

No, multipurpose solutions and hydrogen peroxide can clean lenses, but saline can't. Saline for Sensitive Eyes keeps contacts fresh and ready to use.

Is normal saline used for bladder irrigation?

Yes, it's often used to keep the bladder clean after prostate surgery.


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