Molnlycke Melgisorb Ag Calcium Alginate Dressing

Molnlycke Melgisorb Ag Calcium Alginate Dressing

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Molnlycke Melgisorb Ag Calcium Alginate Dressing is a highly absorbent alginate dressing with CMC and ionic silver that kills bacteria for up to four days. It is made of soft alginate fibres formed into a non-woven material. The superb wet strength of these alginate fibers do not allow the dressing to disintegrate in the wound bed so it may be removed easily in one piece. It can absorb large amounts of exudate, 18 times its own weight.

Melgisorb Ag Calcium Alginate Dressing Highlights

  • Highly absorbent
  • Designed for moderately to heavily exuding cavity and flat wounds
  • The alginate fibers form a soft moist gel
  • Soft moist gel does not adhere to the wound site
  • Can easily be removed
  • Rapid and sustained antimicrobial activity

Item # Desc Pkg Price
255600 1.2" x 18" Each
255600 1.2" x 18" 10/Pack
255600 1.2" x 18" 100/Case
255050 2" x 2" Each
255050 2" x 2" 10/Pack
255050 2" x 2" 100/Case
255100 4" x 4" Each
255100 4" x 4" 10/Pack
255100 4" x 4" 100/Case
255150 6" x 6" Each
255150 6" x 6" 10/Pack
255150 6" x 6" 100/Case
255200 8" x 12" 5/Pack

Melgisorb Ag Calcium Alginate Dressing Features

  • Molnlycke Melgisorb Ag Calcium Alginate Dressing when absorbing, the alginate fibers form a soft moist gel, giving a moist environment conductive to wound healing
  • Soft moist gel does not adhere to the wound site, thereby reducing trauma and pain during wear and dressing change
  • Assist in supporting the control of minor bleeding in superficial wounds
  • Gel blocks lateral wicking of exudate thereby reducing maceration
  • Ideal for deep, highly exuding cavity wounds at risk of infection
  • Can easily be removed by irrigating with normal saline
  • Suitable for use on wounds that are critically colonized
  • Helps in reduction of bacteria in sacral pressure ulcers
  • Infection prevention in post-op toe amputations
  • Can be used under compression bandages
  • Infection prevention in diabetic foot ulcers
  • Handles exudate up to 45% more
  • Sustained antimicrobial activity
  • Indications:
    - Leg ulcers
    - Pressure ulcers
    - Diabetic/neuropathic ulcers
    - Graft and donor sites
    - Surgical wounds
    - Trauma injuries

Uses of Melgisorb Ag Calcium Alginate Dressing

  • Contraindications:
    Individuals with a known sensitivity to alginates or silver
    - Surgical Implantation
    - To control heavy bleeding
    - For direct application on dry or lightly exuding wounds
  • Directions for Use:
    Cleanse wound area and dry surrounding skin
    - Select a size of Melgisorb Ag that is slightly larger than the wound
    - Cut or fold the dressing to fit the wound
    - Loosely fill deep wounds, ensuring the dressing does not overlap the wound
    - Cover and secure Melgisorb Ag with a secondary dressing
    - Note: Dressing change frequency will depend on wound condition and the level of exudate. Initially it may be necessary to change the dressing every 24 hours
  • Precautions:
    - Systemic antimicrobial therapy or other infection treatment should be considered when wound infection is evident. It may be used, under medical supervision, in conjunction with systemic antibiotics.
    - The dressing may adhere if used on dry or very lightly exuding wounds. If the dressing is not easily removed, moisten it with sterile saline solution prior to removal.
    - The dressing performance may be impaired by use of petroleum-based ointments.
    - Melgisorb is not indicated for dry wounds, third-degree burns or surgical implantations.
    - Infected wounds should be evaluated on a regular basis and treated appropriately.

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