Milliken ULTRA Silver Foam Dressing

Milliken ULTRA Silver Foam Dressing

Brand/Manufacturer: MILLIKEN MEDICAL
  • FSA Approved

Milliken ULTRA Silver Foam Dressing is designed for circumstances where copious drainage is anticipated and protection from trauma may also be also important. Unlike traditional foams, ULTRA dressings use AFM Technology to first spread exudate across the entire foam dressing, maintaining an evenly moist interface between the dressing and the wound bed and utilizing the entire foam substrate. ULTRA Dressings keep the peri-wound skin dry, the wound bed moist and the harmful exudate away from healing wounds.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
3000051018 4 inches x 5 inches Each
3000051018 4 inches x 5 inches 10/Pack


  • Milliken ULTRA Silver Foam Dressing indications:
    - Partial thickness burns
    - Skin grafts
    - Donor Sites
    - Lacerations
    - Abrasions
    - Stage II-IV dermal ulcers (vascular, venous, pressure and diabetic)
    - Incisions
  • Active Fluid Management
    - Continuously removes excess exudate, bacteria, and harmful toxins
    - Minimizes the risk of maceration
    - Protects healthy, intact skin
    - May be used under compression, minimizes strike back
  • Patient Comfort
    - Fewer painful dressing change
  • Easy to Use
    - Can be cut to size
    - Less wound bed disturbance
    - Longer wear times
    - Significant cost savings 
  • Silver Efficacy
    - Proprietary ceramic silver ion technology
    - Powerfull controlled release of silver inhibits a broad- spectrum of infection causing microbes including antibiotic resistant strains
    - Activated by the body own sodium
    - Proven to last up to 3 days
  • Foam Layer:
    - Absorbing capacity of foam combined with the unique benefits of AFM
    - Pulls excess exudate through the dressing and across the entire foam substrate
    - Increased absorbing capacity allows for fewer dressing changes
  • Low-Adherent Layer:
    - Eliminates the need for a separate non-adherent layer
    - Saves O.R. and nursing time during application and maintenance
    - Dressing flexibility allows for improved range of motion and patient comfort
  • Active Fluid Management (AFM) Technology: It is a three-part design that combines two layers of high-performance fabric using a micro-knit process. This creates a powerful moisture transfer mechanism that pulls away and traps excess exudate. The combination of these fabrics keeps the peri-wound skin dry, the wound bed moist, and harmful exudate away from a healing wound
  • User Manual
  • Instruction Guide
  • General Overview
  • Clinical Practices

More Information

  • Contraindications:
    Should not be used on patients with a known sensitivity to silver
    - In case of allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately and contact your healthcare provider
  • Dressing Architecture:
    Protection Layer:

    - The layer that makes contact with the wound bed and surrounding healthy skin
    - Supports 2 critical functions: regulating moisture and protecting healthy skin
    - Unidirectional fibers only wick moisture vertically through this layer
    Micro-Knit Process:
    - Proprietary technology created by Milliken Healthcare Products, LLC
    - Creates the transferring mechanism by which the two layers interact
    - Facilitates balance and regulates moisture at the wound bed
    Transfer Layer:
    - Designed to be extremely hydrophilic
    - Pulls exudate through the Protection Layer, distributes and transfers it intosecondary dressing
    - Creates a continuous capacity to handle moisture and exudate
  • Directions for Use:
    - ULTRA Silver dressings can be used throughout the healing process
    - Prepare the wound bed according to the clinical protocol such as debridement and/or cleaning and rinsing with sterile saline or water
    - Remove the dressing from the package and apply to the wound with the printed side of the dressing away from the wound
    - Optimal performance of ULTRA Silver dressings requires direct contact with the wound
    - ULTRA Silver dressings should not be folded. If required, ULTRA Silver dressings can be cut to various shapes and sizes
    - ULTRA Silver dressings can be secured with an appropriate dressing such as roll gauze, adhesive border gauze, composite island dressing, transparent film or tape.
  • Directions for Removal:
    - ULTRA Silver dressings should be changed when clinically indicated or as prescribed by a healthcare professional
    - Carefully remove the fixative and the dressing from the wound
    - Normally the dressing does not adhere to the wound. If adherence is observed, the dressing can be moistened with sterile saline or water to ease removal
  • Precautions:
    - ULTRA Silver dressings are not approved for use directly on full thickness burns
    - The Active Fluid Management performance of ULTRA Silver dressings may be impaired by use with petrolatum-based ointments.
  • Storage: ULTRA Silver dressings should be stored at temperatures less than 131 °F. Keep dry

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