MedVance Bordered Hydrocolloid Dressing

MedVance Bordered Hydrocolloid Dressing

Brand/Manufacturer: MEDWAY INC
  • FSA Approved

MedVance Bordered Hydrocolloid Dressing consists of a semipermeable polyurethane film coated with hydrocolloid containing carboxy-methylcellulose (CMC). A cohesive gel is produced when in contact with wound exudation to provide a moist wound healing environment. MedVance Bordered Hydrocolloid Dressing has specially designed shapes are for the wounds on the heel and sacrum.

Special Offer

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
V2010404 4" x 4" (10cm x 10cm) Each $0.17
V2010404 4" x 4" (10cm x 10cm) 5/Pack $0.83
V2010606 6" x 6" (15cm x 15cm) Each $0.34
V2010606 6" x 6" (15cm x 15cm) 5/Pack $1.66
V2110607 6" x 7" (15cm x 17.5cm), Sacral Each $0.31
V2110607 6" x 7" (15cm x 17.5cm), Sacral 5/Pack $1.52
V2213505 3.5" x 5" (9cm x 12.5cm), Heel Each $0.18
V2213505 3.5" x 5" (9cm x 12.5cm), Heel 5/Pack $0.89

MedVance Bordered Hydrocolloid Dressing Features

  • Comfortable to wear and easy to remove
  • Facilitate moist wound healing and automatic debridement
  • Absorbs light to moderate wound exudation
  • conforms to body contours and provides maximum patient comfort
  • Protects the wound bed from external contamination
  • Hydrocolloid dressing with foam cushion prevent bed sour
  • Used to rehydrate necrotic tissue, for autolytic debridement

What to buy with Bordered Hydrocolloid Dressing

When to use MedVance Hydrocolloid Dressing?

MedVance Hydrocolloid Dressing can be used in the management of light to moderate exuding wounds like

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