Medifil II Particles Collagen Wound Dressing

Medifil II Particles Collagen Wound Dressing

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Medifil II Particles Collagen Wound Dressing is spherically designed particles that consist of 100 percent bovine, native collagen prepared using kollagen technology. Each gram of the particle absorbs approximately 40 to 60 times its weight in fluid. The particles smaller diameter provides excellent contact and increases the rate of absorption, allowing improved recovery of wounds. They reduce edema and help prevent scarring.

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MF2001 10ml (1gm), Vials Each


  • Medifil II Particles Collagen Wound Dressing remove the exudate and reduce inflammation
  • Help prevent microbial infection Sterile, hypoallergic, biodegradable particles conform to the wounds closely
  • Capable of controlling fluid in minimal to moderately exudating wounds
  • Promote the growth of fibro-vascular tissue and reduce the loss of water, electrolytes, and heat from the wound
  • Indications:
    - Wet ulcers and burns cuts and abrasions
    - Pressure ulcers and stasis ulcers
    - Irritations of skin
    - Partial thickness wounds
    - Infected traumatic and surgical wounds
    - Bed Sores

More Information

  • Detailed Instructions for Use:
    A. Preparation of wound bed:
    - Gently irrigate the wound with sterile water or saline until it is free of debris (necrotic tissue, slough, etc.) Use enough irrigation pressure to enhance wound cleansing without causing trauma to the wound bed. Safe and effective irrigation pressures range from 4 to 15 pounds per square inch (psi). An irrigation pressure of 8 psi effectively cleanses the wound and reduces the risk of trauma and wound infection. Certain concentrations of povidine iodine, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, etc. are cytotoxic and should not be used to cleanse the wound.
    - Gently blot wound edges dry.
    - An ointment or cream may be applied to the wound margin if desired to protect the area.
    - If a topical medication is ordered, apply to the wound bed.
    B. Application of Medifil II Particles:
    - Apply Medifil II Particles to cover the wound surface:
    a) Minimally Draining Wounds: Lightly sprinkle just enough to completely cover the surface of the wound bed.
    b) Moderately Draining Wounds: Cover wound surface with Medifil II Particles 1/4" to 1/8" deep.
    c) Heavily Draining Wounds: Cover wound surface with Medifil II Particles 1/4" deep.
    Note: Do not pack the wound tightly with medifil particles. Medifil II Particles are highly absorbent and need room for expansion. If packed tightly into a wound, there may be increased pressure on surrounding tissue as the particles expand which may affect healing. If there is a dead space, gently fill the wound with dressing of choice to prevent premature closure of wound
    - Apply secondary dressing:
    a) Cover with a non-adherent, absorbent dressing (conventional gauze/abdominal pads, specialty absorptive, etc.). Dressings should be changed when saturated until excessive drainage is resolved.
    b) Always maintain a moist (not wet) wound environment.
    c) When necessary, gently secure wound cover dressing with surgical netting or tape.
    C. Removal of Medifil II Particles:
    - Change the secondary (cover) dressing daily or as indicated by the amount of drainage.
    - Remove the secondary dressing. If secondary dressing is adhered to the wound.
    - Irrigate with sterile normal saline until dressing loosens. Lift gently.
    - Irrigate wound with saline solution to cleanse the area thoroughly to remove all traces of these materials and any foreign bodies present in the wound bed.
    - If after irrigating the wound with sterile normal saline, Medifil II Particles adhere to wound, do not attempt to remove because this can cause trauma to the new granulation bed.
    - Frequency of dressing changes is determined by wound characteristics and amount of drainage:
    a. Minimally Draining Wounds: Dressings may be changed every 2-3 days until wound is healed. It is very important to keep the wound bed moist.
    b. Moderately or Heavily Draining Wounds: Dressings should be changed
    c. When saturated until excessive drainage is resolved. Once drainage subsides, dressing changes may be reduced to every 2-3 days until wound is healed.
    d. Undermined or Tunneling Wounds: Wounds should be flushed daily with sterile normal saline and Medifil II Particles re-applied.
  • Precautions:
    - Normal reactions: Wounds may appear larger during the first several days of treatment due to the reduction of edema and the removal of necrotic tissue and/or slough. An increase in drainage (which may or may not have an odor) may be seen in the first several days of treatment.
    - Allergic reaction: Medifil II Particles are of bovine origin. Signs and symptoms of local allergic reaction are pain (to the wound site) and localized redness that may extend beyond the perimeters of the wound. Irrigate the wound with sterile normal saline to remove the product and the symptoms should disappear. Do not use Kollagen products if patient is sensitive to materials of bovine origin.

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