ConvaTec Versiva XC Gelling Foam Dressing with Hydrofiber Technology

ConvaTec Versiva XC Gelling Foam Dressing with Hydrofiber Technology

Brand/Manufacturer: CONVATEC
  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

ConvaTec Versiva XC Gelling Foam Dressing With Hydrofiber Technology absorbs and retains fluid to protect peri-wound skin and reduce the risk of maceration. It is available in adhesive or non-adhesive. The non-adhesive dressing is a sterile wound dressing consisting of a top polyurethane foam/film layer, an absorptive non-woven fibrous layer (incorporating unique Hydrofiber Technology) and a thin, non-adhesive wound contact layer. The adhesive version has a thin gentle adhesive surrounding the wound contact layer. It is indicated for moderately and highly exuding chronic and acute wounds.


  • ConvaTec Versiva XC Gelling Foam Dressing with Hydrofiber Technology can be cut to any shape or size
  • Retains wound exudate within the wound area, preventing its spread onto peri-wound skin
  • Controls exudate levels while still maintaining a moist wound healing environment
  • Minimizes patients pain and discomfort when dressings are in place and on dressing change
  • Hydrofiber Technology conforms closely to the wound surface, helping to minimize dead space
  • Rapidly turns to a clear gel on contact with fluid
  • Minimizes dead space where harmful bacteria can thrive
  • Recommended as secondary dressing over AQUACEL or over AQUACEL Ag dressing
  • Latex free
  • Indication:
    - Chronic wounds: Leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers
    - Acute wounds: Minor cuts, abrasions, lacerations and scalds, surgical wounds, traumatic wounds, second-degree burns
  • Hydrofiber Technology:
    Hydrofiber Technology is a patented technology in which fibers of high-quality cellulose are carboxymethylated altering its structure to allow better absorbency and retention of fluid. These fibers are then processed to mesh them together to form a stable fleece layer. When exposed to‚ fluid, the fibers swell to form a clear, soft, cohesive gel structure that closely conforms to the wound bed. As the fibers swell, the fluid and its contents (eg bacteria and other inflammatory cells and enzymes) are trapped and held within the dressing. In addition, the gelling action prevents lateral spread of fluid through the dressing to reduce the risk of maceration and promote a moist wound healing environment.
  • Also available (separately):
    - ConvaTec Aquacel Hydrofiber Wound Dressing (Code 403770)
    - ConvaTec Aquacel Ag Hydrofiber Ribbon Dressing With Strengthening Fiber and Ionic Silver (Code 403771)

More Information

  • Application:
    Carefully cleanse the wound with saline (e.g., Irriclens cleanser) and dry surrounding skin
    - Choose a dressing and size, ensuring the pad area is larger than the wound. Remove release paper from the dressing, avoiding finger contact with the wound contact surface and the adhesive border
    - Place the pad directly over the wound, ensuring the wound is in the centre of the dressing pad, and smooth down the adhesive border
    - Versiva XC dressing may be used as a primary dressing or as a secondary dressing in combination with appropriate dressings such as, but not limited to, AQUACEL or AQUACEL Ag dressing
    - Change dressing when clinically indicated. Maximum recommended wear time is up to 7 days
    - To remove, press down gently on the skin and carefully lift one corner of the dressing until it is no longer adhered to the skin. Continue until all edges are free
    - Carefully lift away and discard

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