BSN Jobst Ulcercare Open Toe Knee High 40mmHg Zippered Compression Stockings with Liners

BSN Jobst Ulcercare Open Toe Knee High 40mmHg Zippered Compression Stockings with Liners

Brand/Manufacturer: BSN MEDICAL
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BSN Jobst Ulcercare Open Toe Knee High 40mmHg Zippered Compression Stockings with Liners is intended for venous leg ulcer management and is easy and convenient to use. This ready-to-wear therapeutic gradient compression system is designed for maximum patient compliance.

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
114485 Small, Left Closure Each $2.36
114520 Small, Right Closure Each $2.36
114521 Medium, Right Closure Each $2.36
114487 Large, Left Closure Each $2.36
114522 Large, Right Closure Each $2.36
114488 X-Large, Left Closure Each $2.36
114523 X-Large, Right Closure Each $2.36
114489 2X-Large, Left Closure Each $2.36
114524 2X-Large, Right Closure Each $2.36
114532 3X-Large, Left Closure Each $2.36
114530 3X-Large, Right Closure Each $2.36
114536 4X-Large, Left Closure Each $2.36
114534 4X-Large, Right Closure Each $2.36


  • BSN Jobst Ulcercare Open Toe Knee High 40mmHg Zippered Compression Stockings with Liners includes:
    - 1 zippered stocking
    - 2 liners
  • Intended for people with wounds
  • Have a two-in-one system for easy handling by patients or caregivers
  • Minimizes nursing care time per patient, per visit
  • Compatible with common footwear and clothing to enable a normal lifestyle
  • Stockings show low friction on the liner
  • Improved zipper for easy donning
  • Available with zipper on left or right side for comfortable closure on the opposite side of the wound
  • Improved locking mechanism to keep the closed zipper in place
  • Color: Beige
  • Fiber Content:
    - 76% nylo
    - 24% spandex
  • Size to be determined by Ankle and Calf measurement
  • Note: This product is non returnable due to hygiene concern

More Information

  • Jobst Ulcercare liner:
    - Provides mild compression for non-ambulatory patient to help manage lower leg edema during bed rest
    - May be worn 24 hours a day by non-ambulatory patients and to hold a wound dressing in place
    - Integrated heel and toe for high wearing comfort
    - Contains silk to promote healthy skin, facilitate donning and provide maximum compliance
    - Washable at 140°F for hygienic re-use
    - Fiber content: 79% nylon or polyamide, 16% spandex or elastane and 5% silk
    - Color: White
  • Jobst Ulcercare is easy to don:
    - Usually the higher the compression level, the harder a stocking system is to don and the compliance is lower. But the compression level is a key factor for successful treatment and may not be reduced. Jobst Ulcercare combines low donning values with the necessary compression.
  • Jobst Ulcercare provides superior moisture management all day long:
    - A fast moisture absorbency gives the patient more comfort for long wearing. Both the liner and stocking of Jobst Ulcercare proved to have very fast moisture absorbent capabilities.
  • Jobst Ulcercare provides the necessary stiffness:
    - The stiffness of a compression system has been shown to correlate to an improvement of venous filling time among patients with chronic venous insufficiency. Only a static stiffness index of over ten and more is able to lead to an improvement in ulcer healing outcomes.


Measuring Instructions:
- Ankle Measurement: Measure around ankle (this measurement is called the circumference). Place the measuring tape at the narrowest part of the ankle, above the ankle bone
- Calf Measurement: Find the widest part of calf. Measure the circumference of calf
- Calf Length: Sit on a chair with legs at a 90-degree angle. Measure the distance from 1 finger below the bend knee to the floor


Ankle Circumference

Calf Circumference


7" to 8.25"

11.5" to 13.75"


8.25" to 9.50"

13.25" to 16"


9.50" to 10.75"

15.75" to 18.50"


10.75" to 12"

18" to 21.25"


12" to 13"

19" to 22"


13" to 14"

19.75" to 23"


14" to 15.25"

20.5" to 23.75"

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