Argentum Silverlon Antimicrobial Negative Pressure Dressing

Argentum Silverlon Antimicrobial Negative Pressure Dressing

Brand/Manufacturer: ARGENTUM MEDICAL LLC
  • FSA Approved

Argentum Silverlon Antimicrobial Negative Pressure Dressing is designed for use with negative pressure wound therapy systems (NPWT). It continuously emits a very high level of ionic silver into the wound bed in the presence of moisture, by combining the benefits of negative pressure wound management and silver-plated nylon fabric, this process is an unprecedented step for wound care, providing faster wound closure, decreased pain and infections.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
NPD-512 5" x 12" 5/Pack

Negative Pressure Dressing Features

  • A safest, fastest acting and longest lasting antimicrobial silver dressing
  • Its unique design contains dual flow ports that allow unrestricted passage of fluid and particles through the dressing
  • Easy to use contact layer
  • Provides 24/7 antimicrobial protection
  • Has been proven to allow for longer wear times between dressing changes
  • Ideal for:
    - Partial thickness burns
    - Incisions, skin grafts and flaps
    - Donor sites and lacerations
    - Stage I to IV dermal ulcers
    - Acute, traumatic wounds

More Information

  • Advantages of Combining Silverlon Negative Pressure Dressing (NPD) with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT):
    Accelerates healing potential as Silverlon NPD has been shown in over 300 patient trials to enhance and accelerate granulation and wound closure by 20% to 40% vs. negative pressure wound therapy alone
    - Reduces overall cost of NPWT as wounds heal quicker and patients will be off negative pressure therapy sooner, saving rental charges, kit costs and nursing
    - Lowers infection problem as Silverlon negative pressure dressing is a proven antimicrobial barrier and will lower the risk of the contaminated foam infecting the wound bed
    - Enhanced granulation has been reported with use of the Silverlon NPD as Silverlon NPD has been found to enhance granulation and to accelerate wound healing when used in conjunction with negative pressure wound therapy systems
    - Reduces foam sticking to wound as Silverlon not only reduces the incidence of the foam adhering to the granulation bed but also eliminates the need to pick foam particles from the wound
    - Fewer dressing changes needed as adding one Silverlon negative pressure dressing can extend the foam change out to 5 to 7
    - Fewer kits pre treatment means less costs
    - Fewer changes reduces nurse time and patient discomfort
    - Decreases patient pain as Silverlon has been reported to lower the pain associated with the use of negative pressure wound therapy. Patients experiencing less pain and discomfort have better compliance and better outcomes
    - Safe and easy to use as Silverlon is not known to interact with any drug and is bactericidal to all clinically relevant pathogens
    - It will not shed metallic silver into tissue nor will it tattoo or stain the skin
  • Guidelines for Use:
    - To open, separate seams at thumb tab and peel down
    - Moisten dressing with sterile water or saline
    - Apply either side of dressing in direct contact with wound bed and overlap wound edge
    - Cover Silverlon NPD with negative pressure foam or fill media (if using Versatile 1) and drape per manufacturers instructions
    - Change Silverlon NPD when you change foam or fill media
    - Silverlon NPD may be used for up to 7 days

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