3M Coban LF Latex Free Self-Adherent Wrap

3M Coban LF Latex Free Self-Adherent Wrap

Brand/Manufacturer: 3M
Authorized Retailer Badge
  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free
  • Made in USA

3M Coban LF Latex Free Self-Adherent Wrap is an elastic wrap used to provide compression, support, or to secure dressings or devices. It is hand tearable and eliminates the need for scissors or cutting. It sticks to itself without need for adhesive, pins or clips for fast and easy application. 3M Coban Wrap stays in place with no need of frequent readjustments. Used to secure and protect primary dressings and other devices. Also helps immobilize injuries and provide compression. Available in sterile and non-sterile versions.

Why to buy 3M Coban Latex Free Wrap?

  • Does not contain natural rubber latex in the product or its packaging
  • Hand tearable - eliminates the need for scissors or cutting
  • Sticks to itself without need for adhesive, pins or clips
  • Wrap stays in place - no need for frequent readjustment
  • Lightweight, porous and comfortable for patients
  • Non-sterile

Best Price Guarantee

Item # Desc Pkg Price
2082 2" x 5yd Roll Each
2082 2" x 5yd Roll 36/Pack
2083 3" x 5yd Roll Each
2083 3" x 5yd Roll 24/Pack
2084 4" x 5yd Roll Each
2084 4" x 5yd Roll 18/Pack

3M Coban LF Self-Adherent Wrap Features

  • Scissors-free application

    • Tears quickly and cleanly by hand
    • Easy and convenient, especially for clinicians who apply securement wraps frequently
    • Eliminates clinicians’ need to carry scissors, reducing the risk of infection for patients
    • Comfortable, with soft-to-the-touch feel
    • Soft, breathable, lightweight and conformable
    • Hypoallergenic, with low potential for skin irritation
  • Self-adherent

    • Adheres only to itself; won’t stick to skin, hair, clothes or drapes
    • Does not require clips, pins or tape
    • Gentle solution whenever adhesives are not desired, including applications involving fragile skin
  • Reliable and versatile hold

    • Easily adjusted during application
    • Maintains compression once stabilized during wear
    • Stays in place; an excellent choice for active patients
    • Matches the performance of 3M latex-containing self-adherent, adhesive-free wraps


Suggested Applications of 3M Coban Wrap


  • Secure Dressings:
    • Ideal for patients with fragile skin or where adhesives are not desired
    • In difficult-to-dress areas such as the head or fingers and toes
    • After blood draws
  • Secure IVs and other devices:
    • IV and catheter stabilization
    • Sterile drape stabilization in the OR
    • Secure tubing, or devices such as 3M ColdHot packs
  • Compression:
    • Reduce edema as an overwrap for a zinc paste bandage for patients with venous insufficiency
    • Reduce post-operative swelling, such as arthroscopic surgery, plastic surgery, liposuction and other cosmetic procedures
  • Immobilization:
    • Overwrap for splints, bivalve and univalve casts
    • Support sprains and strains
    • Positioning limbs in the OR
    • Support post-cast removal


When to use 3M Coban Self-Adherent Wrap?



What to buy with 3M Cuban LF Self-Adherent Wrap


How to Use 3M Coban Latex Free Wrap?

Application and Removal of 3M Coban Hand Tear Bandage:


3M_Coban_LF_Latex_Free_Self-Adherent_Wrap Unwind 12" or more of Coban LF Wrap with Hand Tear from the roll and allow the wrap to relax. Be sure to unwind a sufficient length before beginning the application
3M_Coban_LF_Latex_Free_Self-Adherent_Wrap Without stretching, apply one full wrap and overlap. Lightly press the overlap into place to secure.
3M_Coban_LF_Latex_Free_Self-Adherent_Wrap Continue wrapping, applying tension to the wrap to achieve the desired compression. Apply light pressure at the end of application to secure the wrap.
3M_Coban_LF_Latex_Free_Self-Adherent_Wrap To facilitate tearing, unwrap an additional 1" if necessary.
3M_Coban_LF_Latex_Free_Self-Adherent_Wrap To tear, hold the top edge of the wrap with the thumb and index finger of each hand as indicated. Stretch the wrap at the top edge. Keeping the hand closest to the application steady, tear in a front-to- back motion with the other hand.
3M_Coban_LF_Latex_Free_Self-Adherent_Wrap “Hug” the layers together to ensure that the wrap’s windings cohere to one another.
3M_Coban_LF_Latex_Free_Self-Adherent_Wrap Remove by unwrapping or by cutting with bandage scissors.





  • It is important to ensure adequate arterial blood flow when used as a component in a compression wrap system. This is to avoid injury secondary to decreased circulation. Use 3M Coban LF Latex Free Self-Adherent Wrap as a component of a compression wrap system only under the supervision of a wound care specialist.
  • Do not reuse. Reuse may result in compromising product integrity and/or lead to device failure.




  • 3M Coban LF Latex Free Self-Adherent Wrap will not slip or loosen after application. Do not wrap too tightly to avoid impairing circulation and causing serious injury. The risk of impaired circulation is higher for children.
  • Monitor area frequently, no less than every 24 hours. Check for signs of swelling, pain, discoloration, tingling, numbness, or other changes in sensation. If these symptoms occur, remove wrap immediately and contact your Health Care provider.
  • Remember not to place Coban LF Self-Adherent Wrap in direct contact with an open wound as it may lead to infection.


3M Coban LF Bandage Specifications

Attribute Name




Clinical Area

Cardiovascular, Critical Care, Dialysis Centre, Emergency Room, Intensive Care, Surgery, Wound Care


Assorted Bright Colors, Light Brown, Tan


Dressing and Device Securement, I.V. Related, Skin Care, Wound Care


Cardiovascular, Critical Care, Dialysis Center, Emergency, I.V. Therapy, Intensive Care Unit, Medical-Surgical, Operating Room-Surgery, Pediatrics, Urgent Care, Wound Care



IV Related Condition Type





5 Linear Yard, 6.5 Linear Yard

Length (Metric)

4.5 m, 450 cm, 6 m



Product Type

Compression & Self-Adherent Wraps, Compression Wraps, Self-Adherent Wraps

Skin Care Condition Type

Trauma from Tapes and Dressings




1 Inch, 1.5 Inch, 2 Inch, 3 Inch, 4 Inch, 6 Inch

Width (Metric)

100 mm, 150 mm, 25 mm, 37.5 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm, 7.5 mm, 75 mm

Wound Care Condition Type

Abrasions, Blister, Closed Intact Surgical Wound, Laceration, Open Surgical Wounds, Skin Tear, Venous Leg Ulcer


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