Frequently Asked Questions on Catheter Dressings

Catheter Dressings
What is a Catheter Dressing?
Catheter Dressing are used for Catheter or IV securement i.e. to keep catheter in place. 
How do I take care of my Catheter Dressing?
• Keep the catheter dressing clean and dry
• Make sure the area of the insertion site is clean and your care team changes the dressing at each dialysis session
• Keep an emergency dressing kit at home, in case you need to change your dressing in between treatments. Ask your dialysis care team to teach you how to change dressings in an emergency
• Never remove the cap on the end of your catheter. Air must not enter the catheter
• Do not shower or swim; you may take baths. You must not wet your catheter site or catheter dressing. Moisture can cause infection. Taking a bath is safe if you do not allow your catheter or catheter dressing to get wet