Smith & Nephew Wound careSmith and Nephew is a diverse healthcare conglomerate with operations across the globe, including various medical devices, personal care products and traditional and pioneering wound care treatments. Smith & Nephew Products specialize in wound care management, health & beauty, sports medicine and trauma.

With a mission to restore people’s bodies and their self-beliefs, Smith & Nephew is providing wound care management products for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, including leg, diabetic and pressure ulcers, burns and post-operative wounds.

The company is dedicated to reduce the human and economical consequence of wound with the objective of-

  • Zero pressure ulcer incidence.
  • Zero surgical site complication.
  • Zero diabetic amputations.
  • Zero delay in wound healing.
  • Zero chronic wound recurrence.
  • Zero wound-related readmissions.
  • Zero waste of healthcare resources.

Smith & Nephew ALLEVYN Dressing

The ALLEVYN range of dressings from Smith & Nephew is a comprehensive range of absorbent foam dressings. Trusted over 25 years of clinical use, Allevyn dressings are designed to respond to the human body with a wide range of sizes, shapes, and formats. Allevyn dressings create a moist wound healing environment for fast wound healing as it keeps the wound at an optimal moisture level. The ALLEVYN Range consists of complete clinically proven, quality foam dressings designed to fulfill a diverse range of wound care requirements.

  • ALLEVYN Adhesive
  • ALLEVYN Life
  • ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive
  • ALLEVYN Gentle
  • ALLEVYN Gentle Border
  • ALLEVYN Gentle Border Lite

Smith & Nephew ACTICOAT Dressing

ACTICOAT dressings from Smith And Nephew utilizes the antimicrobial properties of silver to provide an efficient and effective barrier to bacterial penetration. Acticoat offer a wide range of flexible, conformable and absorbent wound dressing. Each ACTICOAT dressings are developed with properties specific to its required use

Smith and Nephew medical supplies include the best Wound Dressing Types with advanced healing techniques to achieve this objective.