Global Health Products is a family owned for over 35 years now. Based in Rochester, NY, the company has been striving hard and dedicated to the healthcare industry for the supply of health care needs. They have been pioneers in designing and manufacturing a whole line of nutritional supplements that addresses the specific needs of the healthcare industry as well as those in wellness. Their high-quality solutions make the company proudly a SQF Certified Production & Distribution Facility while ensuring ingredient transparency. 

Global Health Products, Inc. specializes in the manufacture a vast line of products that are useful to meet the unique requirements of hospitals, dialysis centres, nursing homes, bariatric centres and pharmacies. Some of the major product types include wound care supplement, protein gummies, liquid protein, whey protein, powdered calcium, and much more. 

Where can I find Global Health Products, Inc nutritional products online? 

We at HPFY stores, offer wide range of Global Health Products, Inc nutritional products including Supplement Powder, Ready-to-Use Liquid Protein and Citrate Plus Vitamin D3 Powder at great prices and discounts. 

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