Medical Pink Tape - Zinc Oxide Waterproof Tape

Pink Medical Tape has a zinc oxide based formula that acts as the adhesive for the tape. This allows the tape to stick perfectly to the skin and also does not damage the skin. Pink Tape for wounds promotes faster healing and reduce infection. The zinc oxide based adhesive is soothing and delicate on the skin and does not result in rashes. These medical tapes are thin, sturdy, flexible, and can easily stick on curves.
Shop Wound Care brings to you a range of pink medical tapes from top selling brands such as HY-Tape International, Medline, etc.

Features of Pink Medical Tape

  • Flexible, strong, and thin, to be shaped around body contours
  • Zinc oxide based adhesive soothes skin and prevents rashes
  • Can be easily applied and removed
  • Washable and waterproof
  • Can be used on wet, hairy, and oily skin alike

When to use Pink Tape for wounds?

Pink Tape is used for wide range of applications such as ostomy (placement and securement), anesthesia, gastronomy, surgery, neonatal care, scar protection, dermatology, and other wound care short-term or long-term applications.

How does the Medical Pink Tape work?

Generally, when tapes are applied to wounds, the body temperature, respiratory secretions, and moisture released from the body surface dislocates it. However, Pink Medical Tape conforms to body contours without rolling and adheres to skin, even when the skin is wet, without detaching or slipping.
The Medical Tape accomodates underlying tissue expansion and shrinkage. It remains securely intact even in water and other exposures, which makes it perfect for hard-to-hold areas. The skin-friendly tape for wound care is delicate on skin and reduce the chance of dermatitis or skin trauma while removing the dressing. It closes the passage for fluids and bacteria and protect the skin and wounds to promote faster and healthier healing.

Where can I buy Pink Medical Tape for wounds?

Shop Wound Care offers you medical tapes for full range of wound care applications. The Pink Tapes at our store are skin-friendly, latex-free and can be used for extended period. Get the best quality of medical pink tapes for ostomy care, wound care, surgery aids and many more applications at amazing discounts.