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Odor eliminators are liquid formulations that are specifically designed to create an anti-septic environment near the wound and eliminate the foul smelling odor generated by necrotic tissue, blood, and external contaminates. They work by either masking the foul smell with a stronger fragrance or completely eliminating the foul smell from the region.

Types of Odor Eliminators


They contain silica gel or zeolite that directly absorbs the foul smelling particles thus removing the source of the smell.


They work by killing off the bacteria or other micro-organism that might be the source of the foul smell.

Drops and Sprays

These types of deodorizers are based on the mode of delivery rather than the action they do. The upper two types can come in both drop form and spray form.

Air Freshner

Air fresheners emit a fragrance to provide an aroma to space, to mask an odor or both. Air fresheners come in numerous forms, such as sprays, oils, gels, liquids, solids, plug-ins, hanging disks, and scented candles; in active or passive forms. Air fresheners additionally embrace supposed air care, deodorizer, odor control, and neutralizer products. In addition to site-specific units or transportable merchandise, air fresheners will embrace scented air systems, that deliver fragrance throughout an area, like by connecting a fragrance diffuser to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

Features of Odor Eliminators

  • Sanitize the area and destroy nearly all the micro-organisms that might contaminate the wound 
  • Eliminate the foul smelling odor that might be uncomfortable to the patient 
  • Cleanse the air as well and protects the wound from incoming contaminates 
  • Create a layer of protection on the skin

Where to buy Odor Eliminator online?

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