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What is a Gauze Bandage?

Gauze bandage rolls are the most widely used bandages, and they have a lot of flexibility with their usage. Gauze bandages are made from thin fabric with a loose open weave. They are placed over a wound to keep it clean and facilitate quick healing. A gauze bandage is used for almost any bandage application, including holding a dressing in place. Furthermore, these bandages help slow the rate of bleeding, prevent bacteria and external contaminants from entering the wound, and hold the skin together to speed up the healing process. Some bandages may have antiseptic properties. They are available in many styles and sizes.

Shop Wound Care offers premium quality gauze rolls that are soft and comfortable on the skin and has a high absorbency rate. Covidien Kerlix Gauze Bandage Rolls provide fast-wicking action, superior aeration, excellent absorbency, and they are good for hard-to-reach areas. The Hartmann Econo-Paste Bandage has zinc-oxide paste that soothes inflammations, rashes, and ulcers. It helps manage venous leg ulcers, venous edema, and minor lower extremity trauma injuries. You can take your pick from the different types we have here, including sterile, non-sterile, absorbent, latex-free, woven, and stretchable. 

When to use Gauze Roll?

Gauze bandage can be used for the following purposes:

  • Primary dressing
  • Secondary dressing
  • Debridement
  • Packing
  • Prepping
  • Cleansing

What are the uses of Gauze Bandages?

Gauze rolls can be used as primary or secondary dressings. As a primary dressing, they can dress minor wounds or be placed on top of an antibiotic ointment. Because of their non-adhesive properties, they are more suited to treat minor wounds and cuts. A sterile gauze roll is recommended if you use it as a primary dressing. The sterile wraps are individually packed to protect them from contaminants. 

Non-sterile gauze bandage is best suited to be used as a secondary dressing. These gauze rolls are often used to hold wound dressings in place and support injured body parts. It also absorbs any fluid that seeps through the primary dressing. You can wrap the gauze roll slightly tighter to apply light compression to control bleeding if necessary. 

Benefits of Gauze Bandages

  • Cushion and protect wound areas
  • Permeable to air and absorbs moisture
  • Reduce the risk of maceration
  • Ideal for bandaging heads, limbs, and difficult-to-dress wounds
  • Meets all bandaging needs
  • Latex-free and suitable for people with latex allergies
  • Soft and breathable cotton allows wearing for extended periods

Where to buy Gauze Bandage Rolls online?

A gauze bandage is a must-have item in your first aid kit which can be useful for emergency wound care. One can use them to cover scrapes on the elbows or knees or cuts on fingers and hands at home. Shop Wound Care offers an extensive range of gauze rolls from top-selling manufacturers like Medline, Covidien, Dynarex, etc. Place your order today!