Buy Elastic Tape for First Aid | Elasticated Medical Tape

Elastic tapes are of two broad types, the first are simple elastic tapes that are used to hold a dressing in its place, the second are kinesio tapes that are used with wound dressings as well as to ease pain and swelling. These medical tapes have high elasticity and are used on wound dressings around joints and parts of the body that stretch or contract while being used. This allows the tape to take all the stress of stretching, thus reducing any pain or damage to the healing skin. We at Shop Wound Care, offer a wide range of elastic tapes from top selling brands such as Scrip Hessco, KT Health, Medline, etc.

Features of Elastic Tapes

  • Stretch adequately to correctly secure a wound dressing

  • Specifically designed to be used around joints that stretch while moving 

  • Take the force of the skin stretching and contracting to avoid damage 

  • Can be used to prevent swelling and soothe muscle sprains and tears 

  • Used mainly by athletes, and people who do strenuous physical work