Maxorb is a well known brand of Medline Industries which makes quality wound care products. Maxorb wound dressings are designed to absorb moderate to heavy drainage levels and aid in the management of bacterial burden. They possess superior fluid handling capabilities and become gel-like on absorbing exudates. Maxorb Dressings offer an antibacterial barrier to fight against the bacteria absorbed in the wound exudates and reduce odor. These types of dressings need easy, simple and non-frequent change. They are recommended for use as a primary dressing on all wound depths. Maxorb wound dressings come in two wide ranges - Maxorb Alginate Dressings and Maxorb Silver Antimicrobial Dressings.

Why choose Maxorb Alginate Wound Dressings?

Maxorb Alginate wound dressings create an optimal moist environment that helps in improving cellular migration and wound healing. They include a wide variety of fiber and foam dressings to handle draining wounds and hydrocolloid and hydrogel -based dressings to handle dry and lightly draining wounds. Maxorb wound dressings with alginate have superior fluid handling and improved gelling capability where fluid does not wick laterally. High wet strength of these dressings aid in one piece removal.

When to use Maxorb Alginate dressings?

Maxorb Alginate wound dressings are indicated for the following:

  • Partial and full thickness wounds
  • First and second degree burns
  • Pressure injuries
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Leg ulcers
  • Lacerations and abrasions
  • Surgical wounds
  • Donor sites

Different Maxorb Alginate Wound Dressings

Maxorb Alginate dressings include Maxorb II, Maxorb Extra and Maxorb ES dressings. Maxorb II is known to be a 100% alginate dressing. Maxorb Extra is a superb blend of CMC and alginate fibers. Maxorb ES is reinforced to help in easy removal from the tunneling wounds.

Maxorb II Dressing

Maxorb II is a highly absorbent 100% alginate dressing. This calcium alginate dressing is available in sheet and rope form. Sheet dressing is used for shallow, moderate to heavily draining wounds and rope dressing is used for filling moderate to heavily draining wounds. Ultra-absorptive alginate provides a beneficial, moist wound environment and manages drainage, keeping the periwound skin drier and less prone to maceration. Wet-strength integrity of Maxorb II prevents its material from coming apart so that less residual material is left in the wound and dressing changes are easier.

Maxorb Extra Sheet Dressing

Maxorb Extra Sheet is a CMC/Alginate dressing, designed with high wet strength for easy one-piece removal. It features fast-acting absorption without lateral wicking. A gel is formed when wound exudate interacts with carboxylmethylcellulose (CMC) fiber and non-woven alginate, providing a moist healing environment. Presence of CMC in Maxorb Extra Sheet dressing adds strength and improves the gelling and fluid-handling capability. Maxorb Extra reduces the potential for damage to peri-wound skin by mixing with exudates to form a gel that will not wick out.

Maxorb Extra Ribbon Dressing

Maxorb Extra Ribbon is a CMC/Alginate dressing that allows for easy one-piece removal and fast-acting absorption with no lateral wicking. Wound exudate interacts with combination of CMC fiber and non-woven alginate to form a gel that offers moist healing environment. The presence of CMC helps in adding improved wet strength as well as gelling and fluid-handling ability. No lateral wicking reduces the potential for delicate peri-wound skin damage.

Maxorb ES Ribbon Dressing

Maxorb ES Ribbon is a reinforced CMC/Alginate dressing, designed for easy removal from tunneling wounds. It allows for easy one-piece and residue-free removal. Maxorb ES Ribbon dressing is appropriate for filling moderate to heavily draining wounds. The improved gelling capability and superior fluid handling capacity does not wick away fluid.

Why choose Maxorb Silver Antimicrobial Wound Dressings?

Bacterial burden can result in delayed healing, leading to inflammation and infection in the wound. Maxorb silver antimicrobial wound dressings deliver broad spectrum antimicrobial protection that can be used to minimize the risk of infection or address an identified local infection. They are CMC/Calcium Alginate dressings that help manage bacterial burden. Maxorb wound dressings with Ag are highly absorbent and feature controlled-release ionic silver. They enable easy dressing changes and reduce odor. Fluid in Maxorb silver dressings will not wick laterally and provide up to 21 days antimicrobial protection.

When to use Maxorb Silver Antimicrobial Dressings?

Maxorb Ag dressings are indicated for the following:

  • Partial and full thickness wounds
  • First and second degree burns
  • Moderate to heavily draining wounds
  • Graft and donor sites
  • Trauma wounds
  • Surgical wounds
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Pressure injuries
  • Leg ulcers

Different Maxorb Ag dressings

Maxorb Ag dressings include Maxorb Extra Ag+ Sheet, Maxorb Extra Ag+ Ribbon and Maxorb ES Ag+ Ribbon Dressings.

Maxorb Extra Ag+ Sheet Dressing

Maxorb Extra Ag+ Sheet is an antimicrobial CMC/Calcium Alginate dressing. It provides an antibacterial barrier that fights the bacteria absorbed in the wound exudate. CMC fiber present in the Maxorb Extra Ag+ improves fluid handling ability, vertical wicking and wet strength. It forms a gel that will not wick out, when wound exudate mixes with the dressing and reduces the potential for damage to the peri wound skin. Maxorb Extra Ag+ is a highly absorbent dressing that absorbs more than other alginate or absorbent silver dressings. Maxorb Ag dressing reduces odor in wounds by providing an antibacterial barrier to combat the bacteria present in the wound exudate that causes odor. Sustained antimicrobial protection is effective for up to 21 days.

Maxorb Extra Ag+ Ribbon Dressing

Maxorb Extra Ag+ Ribbon is a CMC/Calcium Alginate dressing ideal for tunneling or undermining wounds. This highly absorbent wound dressing offers an antibacterial barrier to fight against the bacteria present in the wound. CMC fiber present in the Maxorb Ag rope dressing improves vertical wicking, wet strength and fluid handling ability. When Maxorb Extra Ag dressing mixes with wound exudate, a gel is formed, which does not wick laterally and minimizes the potential for damage to the peri-wound skin.

Maxorb ES Ag+ Ribbon Dressing

Maxorb ES Ag+ Ribbon is a reinforced silver CMC/ alginate dressing ideal for tunneling or undermining wounds. It is reinforced for easy removal. Maxorb ES Ag+ is appropriate for filling moderate to heavily draining wounds at the risk for infection. The broad spectrum antimicrobial silver technology used in Maxorb ES Ag+ is effective on the exudate absorbed in the dressing. It aids in the healing process by managing bioburden present in the wound environment. When a dressing is needed with the strength to stand up to a tunneling wound, Maxorb ES Ag+ Ribbon is the best choice. It is highly absorbent, reduces odor and allows for easy dressing changes.