5 Reasons to Use Auto-Reorder Program at Shop Wound Care

What is Auto-Reorder Feature?

Auto-reorder is an efficient and sought-after method of acquiring your regular wound care supplies from Shop Wound Care without any hassle. We make automatic shipments of the products that you frequently use to your doorstep. 

To fully benefit from this service, you need to understand what an auto-reorder system is. It is a process by which a customer can place future orders of a specific duration in line with the order it is placing at present. One just needs to opt for an option of auto-reorder at checkout.

Benefits of Shop Wound Care Auto-Reorder Feature

If you are running a hospital, medical care unit, dispensary, or a small clinic, treating wounds is critical for your patients’ overall health and well-being. The faster they heal and go back to normal life, the better it is!

We at ‘SHOP WOUND CARE’ believe in looking out for our customers’ needs that may range from preventing any kind of infection to maintaining wounds and their dressing. Wound care is vital for wound healing. It prevents more serious complications from occurring. Thus, a continuous supply of such products is necessary. ‘SHOP WOUND CARE’ is good with ‘on-time delivery’ when it comes to supply your items from renowned brands like Dynarex, Nice Pak, Molnlycke, McKesson, etc.

5 Reasons to use Auto-Reorder Feature for Wound Care Supplies

1. Discounts on Auto-Reorders

Scheduling your supplies can help you cut down on big chunks of money. We at Wound Care give our customers a discount of 7% OFF on auto-reordered Wound care supplies. Additionally, it also makes it easier for you to avail heavy discounts and save more. 

2. Timely Delivery

Subscribing to the auto-reorder services will help us deliver your supplies within the quickest time span possible. If you schedule your wound care supplies you can have your items delivered to your doorstep on time.

3. Fewer Troubles

It is indeed tiring to add all of your regular supplies to your cart, go through the checkout and keep track of every single package every time you run out of them. This entire process can become extra strenuous if you have a set daily routine to follow; chances are you may forget to place an order for something or the other. Therefore, you should always have a back-up plan ready, hence the Auto-reorder.

4. Safer Payments

Auto reordering allows the customers to make quicker and safer payments via Credit Cards. It is essential for the customer to have a valid Credit Card to use the auto-reorder services at Shop Wound Care.

5. Easy Modifications

You can, at any given point, modify, replace, edit or cancel any of your shipments. You can also cancel your subscription whenever you want. Similarly, you can also skip your next delivery if you have subscribed to our auto-reorder service.

How to Auto-Reorder Wound Care Supplies?

At ‘Shop Wound Care', we believe in making your sufferings a little less. Whether you need these supplies every day, every fortnight, every month, or even every three months you can always use the auto-reorder service and get your supplies delivered to your doorstep.


 It is exactly what we aspire for you to do, hence our auto- reorder policy. You can set up the auto reorder service the first time you buy the product by choosing the reorder frequency and from that point on you will get the delivery of your supplies at the frequency you picked without the hassle of reordering. To set up an automatic delivery with us, you have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign-up for the reorder-eligible wound care product.
  2. Select the Auto-Reorder option for that product during the checkout.
  3. Select the quantity and shipment frequency as per your requirement from the given options.
  4. Confirm all the important details like billing and shipping address.
  5. Make payment through your Credit Card.
  6. After this, all the future shipments will be done by us automatically.
  7. You can also manage your account and make any future adjustments.

Shop more- save more!!! 

Auto reordering with us is all about getting your essentials after a particular time-span. When you shop with us for your Wound Care needs, we deliver more to your bucket!!! 

However, customers must remember that –

  • This is only applicable after the first order is placed.
  • Coupon offers that are not valid in conjunction with any other 'hpfy/ Wound care' discounts and reward dollars.
  • All such given discount coupon codes and free shipping are not applicable to international orders.
  • One can utilize its Reward points –inclusion/ exclusion with conditions*
  • There is no fixed limit on the number of items that can be put for the auto-reorder bucket- list.
  • Auto-reorder services are only available to customers having a credit card.
  • For the return, cancellation, and refund policy after auto-reorder, kindly visit the Wound care Policy Page.


The motive with which ‘SHOP WOUND CARE’ functions is to make customers’ purchasing cost-effective and convenient. You only need to set up the auto-reorder and keep us informed about the quantity and frequency of your health care supplies that you want us to deliver. Stay safe!


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