DeRoyal Algidex Ag Wet Gauze Dressing

DeRoyal Algidex Ag Wet Gauze Dressing

Brand/Manufacturer: DEROYAL
  • Non Returnable
  • FSA Approved

DeRoyal Algidex Ag Wet Gauze Dressing is a technologically advanced wound dressing that has been uniquely formulated with a combination of ionic silver, alginate, and maltodextrin to provide an immediate and sustained antimicrobial activity against a broad spectrum of pathogens without inducing bacterial resistance. It has been clinically documented as a cost-effective dressing that provides excellent wound management with a longer wear-time and fewer dressing changes. The silver in it is completely and evenly distributed over the dressing in the ionic state.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
46-GZ22 2" x 2" 25/Pack


  • DeRoyal Algidex Ag Wet Gauze Dressing is effective bacterial barrier to help prevent contamination from external bacteria 
  • Ideal dressing for wounds with necrotic tissue
  • Does not require activation 
  • Unique combination of ionic silver, alginate, and maltodextrin provided in a hyper-saturated non-woven gauze
  • Reduces bacterial colonization 
  • Absorbs wound exudate 
  • Decreases wound odor  
  • Specially woven gauze will not ravel, lint, or fray 
  • Can be cut to the desired length  
  • Releases active ionic silver for broad antimicrobial effectiveness  
  • Facilitates autolytic debridement
  • Indications: Algidex Ag Wet Gauze Dressings have been hyper-saturated with the Algidex formulation and is the perfect dressing for use on necrotic wounds to help facilitate rapid autolytic debridement. Algidex Ag Wet Gauze Dressings can also be used on:
    - Minor burns
    - Skin grafts
    - Skin donor sites
    - Dermal ulcers (e.g. leg ulcers, pressure ulcers)
    - Diabetic ulcers
    - Abdominal wounds
    - Superficial wounds
    - Lacerations, cuts, and abrasions

More Information

  • Directions for use:
    - Apply gloves
    - Thoroughly cleanse wound
    - Remove Algidex Ag Wet Gauze Dressing from packaging
    - Place Algidex Ag Wet Gauze Dressing over shallow wounds or pack loosely into deep wounds
    - Secure dressing in place with appropriate secondary dressing such as gauze, hydrocolloid, foam, composite, or film dressing. Secondary dressing selection should be based on the amount of wound drainage
    - Dressing may be worn up to 7 days or until secondary dressing is required to be changed or reaches saturation
  • Removal:
    - Apply gloves
    - Remove secondary dressing
    - Gently remove the Algidex Ag Wet Gauze Dressing

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