Calmoseptine Moisture Barrier Ointment
Calmoseptine Moisture Barrier Ointment

Calmoseptine Moisture Barrier Ointment

Brand/Manufacturer: CALMOSEPTINE
  • FSA Approved

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Calmoseptine Moisture Barrier Ointment is a multipurpose moisture barrier that temporarily relieves discomfort and itching. It contains calamine, zinc oxide, menthol and lanolin. It acts as a barrier to protect the skin and draw away moisture and helps to heal skin irritations from incontinence, feeding tube leakage, scrapes, fecal or vaginal fistulas, wound drainage and diaper rash.

Calmoseptine Moisture Barrier Ointment Highlights

  • Protect and Soothes Skin
  • Hepls Promote Healing
  • Draw away Moisture
  • Made in U.S.A

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
0799-0001-03 2.5oz (71g), Jar Each $0.23
0799-0001-03 2.5oz (71g), Jar 5/Pack $1.07
0799-0001-03 2.5oz (71g), Jar 12/Case $2.47
0799-0001-04 4oz (113g), Tube Each $0.22
0799-0001-04 4oz (113g), Tube 5/Pack $1.07
0799-0001-04 4oz (113g), Tube 12/Case $2.47
0799-0001-05 1/8oz (3.5g), Foil Packet 144/Case $3.00

Benefits of Using Calmoseptine Ointment

  • Calmoseptine Moisture Barrier Ointment keeps skin clean, moisturized and dry
  • Menthol has been shown to cause vasodilation, this may increase circulation to an area and aid in healing
  • Adequate pressure relief for bedridden and wheelchair bound patients
  • Mild antiseptic ingredients prevent secondary bacterial and fungal infections

When to Use Calmoseptine Ointment?

  • Diaper rash in full-term infants through adults
  • Skin protection in incontinent adults
  • Relieves pain and helps promote healing
  • Skin protection around feeding and drainage tube sites
  • Protection for peri-wound skin
  • Pain and itch relief in Lymphedema and Venous stasis
  • Under compression therapy
  • Stage 1 pressure ulcers
  • Minor burns, cuts, scrapes
  • Skin folds, other moist areas subject to fungal infections
  • Perianal soreness and dermatitis
  • Insect bites
  • Eczema and psoriasis
  • Hemorrhoids

Calmoseptine Ointment Tube User Manual

Calmoseptine Barrier Cream Safety Data Sheet

What to buy with Calmoseptine Cream?

How to use Calmoseptine Moisture Barrier Ointment?

  • Cleanse the skin with a mild skin cleanser
  • Gently dry or allow to air dry
  • Apply a thin layer of Calmoseptine Moisture Barrier cream 2 to 4 times daily, and after each incontinent episode or diaper change
  • When necessary, remove the Calmoseptine ointment with baby oil or mineral oil
  • For external use only
  • Not for deep or puncture wounds
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • If condition worsens or does not improve within 7 days, consult a doctor

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

question image
my mother has been using this product as prescribed by her dermatologist for a rash under her breasts. She was dealing with problem for over a year til finally this Dr told her to use this Calmoseptine. We could only find it in ointment form. Dr said to get cream. Her problem is it works great for the rash but it is drying her hands out to where they are cracking and bleeding. She is 81 and her skin is thin, just wondering if you have any suggestions? Someone just told her to try putting it on with a wet makeup pad. That helped a little. The ointment is very sticky. Thanks 
SANDIE YULE - 4/3/2020 2:34:59 PM
answer image
Dear customer, it is most unfortunate that you had to encounter such discomfort with the product. Keeping your request in mind, we believe the following product will definitely suit your needs: Jobar Roll A Lotion Applicator
Customer Care - 7/31/2020 6:42:54 AM
question image
can you pls tell me whre can I find the product expiry date on this calmoseptine 3.5g foil pack,i cant find in the box and in the pack itself..thnks!
sandy - 8/9/2016 6:50:59 PM
answer image
Thank you for contacting customer care services.
Please refer below link for expiration date.
Customer Care - 8/10/2016 1:08:14 AM
question image
Active ingredient?
Christina - 10/9/2015 3:28:17 AM
answer image
Menthol 0.44% ......................................... External analgesic / Anti-itch 
Zinc Oxide 20.6%..................................... Skin protectant / Anorectal astringent 

OTHER INGREDIENTS: calamine, chlorothymol, glycerin, lanolin, phenol,sodium bicarbonate, and thymol in a suitable ointment base.
Customer Service - 10/9/2015 3:30:31 AM
question image
Can it be used for wheelchair bound patients?
Terry - 10/9/2015 3:24:52 AM
answer image
Yes, It provides adequate “pressure relief” for bedridden and wheelchair bound patients. Hope it helps.
Customer Service - 10/9/2015 3:26:28 AM
question image
I have allergies. Can I use your ointment?
flora - 10/9/2015 3:21:51 AM
answer image
Thank you for your inquiry. Calmoseptine does not contain Latex or any "food products" such as nut, nut oils, wheat, gluten, fish oils or dairy derivatives. People with allergies to Lanolin or Menthol may react to Calmoseptine.
Customer Service - 10/9/2015 3:22:47 AM
question image
Can I use it on my baby?
Paula - 10/9/2015 3:19:54 AM
answer image
Calmoseptine was originally developed for use on infants. We do not recommend that it be used on premature newborns.
Customer Service - 10/9/2015 3:20:39 AM
question image
How to apply it on Gastric, jejunal and suprapubic tube sites?
joan - 10/9/2015 3:17:02 AM
answer image
1. Gently cleanse area with normal saline, mild skin cleanser or soap and water. 
2. Apply a thin layer of Calmoseptine to the skin around the tube. 
3. If necessary to control drainage and protect clothing, cover the ointment with a drain sponge or other dressing. 
4. Twice a day application is usually sufficient. If the dressing becomes saturated, it should be replaced more frequently, not reinforced. A thick dressing holds the drainage against the skin and can make the problem worse. 
5. It is not necessary to remove all of the Calmoseptine with each dressing change. Simply wipe drainage away and reapply Calmoseptine and dressing.

Hope that helps.
Customer Service - 10/9/2015 3:18:12 AM
question image
How to remove this ointment from skin?
Cheryl - 10/9/2015 3:11:59 AM
answer image
Removal from skin 
1. Baby oil (mineral oil) and vegetable oil are excellent at removing Calmoseptine Ointment from the skin quickly. 

2. Some skin cleansers with a surfactant will remove Calmoseptine Ointment. A few are listed below: 
· Bedside Care Perineal Wash® (Sween/Coloplast) 
· Elta Cleanse Foam® (Swiss America) 
· Aloe Vesta Perineal Wash® (ConvatecCalgon Vestal) 
· Carrington Foam® (Carrington Laboratories) 
· Hygiene I Foam® (Bard) 
· Proshield® Foam and Spray (Healthpoint) 
· Restore® (Hollister)
Customer Service - 10/9/2015 3:13:39 AM
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