Frequently Asked Questions on Absorbent Dressing

Absorbent Dressing
What is an Absorbent Dressing?
Absorbent Dressing is a sterile dressing of any material applied to a wound or incision to absorb secretions. It may be used as a primary or secondary dressing to manage surgical incisions, lacerations, abrasions, burns, donor or skin graft sites, or any exudating wound.
What are the features of Absorbent Dressings?
•Highly absorbent alginate
•Fast acting
•Long lasting
•Helps prevent infection
•Reduces risk of colonization
•Effective barrier to bacterial penetration
•Helps maintain a moist wound environment
•Easy to use
•Low adherence to the moist wound
•Calcium alginate fabric
What are the benefits of Absorbent Dressings?
•Absorbs exudate
•Conforms to wound contours
•Prevents and reduces infection
•Helps to maintain a moist wound healing environment, to assist faster healing
•Minimizes bacterial penetration
How do Absorbent Dressings work?
Absorbent Dressings are designed to absorb exudate while minimising adherence to the wound bed. They are multi-layer dressings comprising either a semi-adherent or a non-adherent layer, combined with highly absorptive layers of fibres, which are used to absorb the exudate. Some absorbent dressings also form a gel on contact with exudate.
Will Absorbent Dressings stick to the wound?
When they come into contact with medium-to-high volumes of exudate, some absorbent dressings form a soft gel which prevent them from adhering to the wound bed. This means that they can easily be removed without trauma to the delicate tissue in the wound bed.
What kind of wounds can an Absorbent Dressing be used on?
Absorbent Dressing can be used on a variety of wounds, including:
-Surgical incisions
-Donor or skin graft sites
-Exudating wounds
What are the Performance Indicators for Absorbent Dressings?
*Fluid-handling capacity
*Secondary dressing required
*Can be used under compression
Is the Absorbent Dressing going to be used under compression?
Applying compression can be a problem for wounds that produce a lot of exudate. Some Absorbent Dressings can be used under compression bandaging, while still absorbing and removing exudate and wound debris. It is important to check the manufacturer's instructions to make sure that the dressing is suitable for use with compression.