Unique Wellness

Unique Wellness is a manufacturer of solution based adult briefs and absorbent underwear. It allows the users and caregivers the freedom of fewer daily changes with efficient performance. Incontinence supplies from Unique Wellness use NASA-based technology to ensure comfort, security and confidence to anyone who uses it. Unique Wellness Briefs and Underwear are one of the driest incontinence supplies in the market. They use InconTek technology which is based on similar designs used by NASA. Unique Wellness Briefs absorb liquid away from the skin of the user, removing the odor commonly associated with the wearing of adult briefs. They also prevent problems associated with adult briefs and incontinence like urinary tract infections, skin irritation, etc.

Unique Wellness Products

Wellness Briefs and Absorbent Underwear are designed to mimic the Maximum Absorbency Garment of NASA. They wick away urine immediately to a separate layer and lock it there to keep the skin free of exposure and completely dry. NASA diapers are based on the approach of 1 change every 8 hours that puts the user back in the control of his/her incontinence. User does not have to worry about when to change the adult diaper. Average brief requires 7-10 changes a day whereas Wellness briefs and underwear need to be changed only two to three times a day. Unique Wellness also has reduced the requirement for cleansing wipes, latex gloves and bed pads, by minimizing the number of changes to just 3 per day.

Average adult brief can only hold up to 24oz of liquid, but Unique Wellness products can hold up to 87oz of liquid. This leads to the conclusion that one Wellness Brief or Underwear is equal to almost four standard briefs in regards to absorbency. Absorbency of Wellness products has drastically reduced the number of briefs used per day. They allow the wearer to be confident, comfortable and free to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle, without any worry about leaking or frequently diaper changes. Wellness Briefs and Absorbent Underwear are designed to be used by men and women, both during the day and night. Using these Wellness incontinence supplies can help fight the adult incontinence problem.

Original Wellness Briefs

Original Wellness Briefs were designed for outstanding leakage control and absorbency to keep skin, linens and clothing dry up to 8 hours. They are built on the same fundamentals as the Maximum Absorbency Garments (MAGs), invented by NASA. Super absorbent adult diapers can fully absorb up to 2.6 liters of liquid and pulls it away from the skin, reducing the chances for skin irritation and infection. Unique Wellness diapers are more cost-effective than other similar diapers because only 3 changes a day are required to prevent infections and rashes. Original Wellness Briefs are odor free, latex free and color-coded for size. These side taped adult diapers are only for bedridden patents.

Wellness Superio Signature Series Briefs

Wellness Superio Signature Series Briefs can handle the stress of constant movement for users with an active lifestyle. These side taped adult diapers will not ever have pinholes or rip. Wellness Superio Briefs are designed for more active use and will not tear off despite constant movement. White plastic backing of Unique Wellness briefs is quieter and does not make crinkle sound the way other briefs make. They feature NASA inspired InconTek advanced multi-layered system and a wider core to assist those with bowel incontinence. Wellness briefs have a re-sealable landing zone and are latex free.

Wellness Pull-Up Absorbent Underwear

Wellness Absorbent Underwear is a pull-up style product designed for people who have light to moderate Incontinence. It uses a revolutionary new way to manage incontinence. Wellness Absorbent Underwear is so innovative that it was shown on “How stuff works” of Discovery Channel. This award-winning pull-on is designed to last for up to 8 hours using multi-layered InconTek technology inspired by NASA. It is similar to designs used by astronauts for long missions in space. Wellness Absorbent Underwear has a unique scheduled changing system that makes it easy to use.

Why Choose Unique Wellness Products?

Following are the reasons why unique wellness incontinence program is a right choice for the user:

  • Space Age Technology: Unique Wellness Briefs and Underwear work the same way as the Maximum Absorbency Garments (MAGs) by NASA. In comparison with standard briefs that have single layered core, Wellness Briefs have a triple layered core like MAGs. All the moisture is retained in a separate layer away from the skin and the surface against the skin always feels dry. This is called InconTek technology. By keeping the urine away from the skin, severe irritation, urinary tract infections and many other incontinence related problems can be prevented.
  • Skin Friendly: Wellness products fully absorb all the liquids and keep the skin dry always. This way exposure never occurs. Creams or ointments are rarely needed with these products because the key is prevention altogether. Unique Wellness Briefs and Underwear are simple, cost effective, 3 per day incontinence system that prevents rashes and skin breakdowns.
  • Environmental Friendly: The multi-functional capabilities of InconTek technology allow Wellness Briefs and Underwear to reduce the usage and number of incontinence waste added to landfill by over 70%. They also reduce drastically the carbon footprint from electricity and fuel used for manufacturing bed pads, briefs and laundering sheets. Also, the super absorbent material used in Wellness products poses no risk to groundwater, soil, organisms or plant life.
  • Cost Effective: Unique Wellness incontinence products are the most time efficient and cost effective products. They require fewer changes and reduce the costs associated with incontinence. Wellness Briefs and Absorbent Underwear can be used both day and night, by both men and women. Therefore, there is no need of separate overnight adult diapers or different diapers for men or women.
  • Award Winning Product: Wellness Products were featured on the “How Stuff Works Program” of Discovery Channel. They were awarded the Medtrade 2013 Innovative Product Award. Unique Wellness won this award because of the ability to successfully market a durable product with scheduled 8 hour changes.
  • Odor Free: Unique Wellness diapers and underwear have a layered system that traps the odors related with incontinence inside the diaper. By doing so, they keep the area odor free.
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