Steamed Medical, founded in 2000, is dedicated to producing high-quality medical skin care products. Their catalog includes Wound Dressings, Creme Moisturizers, Moisturizing Lotions, and Wound Cleansers. Steadmed Medical products are easy to use.   

Steadmed Medical Wound Dressings: These products are made with innovative technology to provide ease of use and the best wound care solutions. All these products are available in multiple sizes to find the optimum fit. Its Wound care management takes effective therapeutic measures to avoid a wound bed. Exudating the drain from the wound removes toxic components like slough, debris, and bacteria hindering wound healing. Wound Cleanser lubricates and moistens the absorbent wound dressings.  


Steadmed Medical Skin Care – Highly effective and skin-friendly lotions and creams. Some features are - Quick absorbing, Ideal for all skin types, Waterproof. Produced at a skin-friendly pH, it remains safe for patients, clinicians, and the environment.  

Where to buy Steadmed Medical Products online? 

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