For over 35 years, Southwest Technologies Inc. Has been focussing on people’s health and wellness by continuously innovating and designing high quality advanced wound care and therapy products.  

Some of the most popular product lines from Southwest Technologies Inc. include the Elasto Gel dressings, Stimulen wound care, Hot & Cold therapy, Cushions and padding, Therapy wraps and Packs, and much more. 

Elasto-Gel is a highly absorbent and bacteriostatic wound dressing that specialises in providing fast, safe and comfortable dressing changes. Stimulen is a family of collagen products which are comprised of specially prepared polypeptides and modified collagen. 

Comfort Aid Cushions & Padding are designed and tailored to assist in lower back compression and are capable of easing pressure off of "sitting bones". 
Elasto-Gel technology infused Hot & Cold Therapy line consists of over 40 different shapes and sizes that can be used to best fit every need. 

Therapy Wraps are designed to be multi-purpose wraps which are the most universal of all wraps available in the market and may be applied on almost all parts of the body. 

Therapy Packs are versatile in nature and are available in three different sizes to meet the needs for large surface areas. 

Where can I find Southwest Technologies Inc. Products online? 

At HPFY, we offer all product ranges from Southwest Technologies Inc. Including wraps, packs and gels, cushions and lot more at reasonable prices.