Precision Medical Inc., with a vision -The Difference is Precision. Since 1982, Headquartered in Northampton, Pennsylvania, it has been the global leader in respiratory care. They provide services in-home care, hospitals, and fittings.   

Precision Medical makes products for hospitals that help patients breathe better and feel more comfortable. They also have products for people to use at home, like portable oxygen machines. They even make different parts that doctors can customize to fit a patient's specific needs. 

Precision medical supplies:

  • High-grade Quality at Home: Our US-based company delivers precision hospital-grade equipment at home, including oxygen concentrators, regulators, conservers, aspirators, and medical air compressors, directly to your home. They offer warranties on products.  
  • Time-tested and Accurate: Precision Medical manufacturers are the best in class and highly accurate air, oxygen, and suction administration. They cover Hospital respiratory equipment for all age groups. They provide high-precision flow meters, vacuum regulators, oxygen regulators, blenders, aspirator concentrators, and medical air compressors.  
  • Unmatched Customization: Making the right connections is vital in any setting, especially in medical contexts. Our team of fitting experts is committed to designing safe and effective systems to meet your clinical needs, from standard medical fittings to custom configurations. Precision Medical offers a comprehensive range of adaptors, couplers, and quick connectors in all major styles to accommodate every requirement. Our fittings are used in various industries, including medical, gas cutting, and craft beverage production. They provide medical fittings and a custom hose configurator.  

Where can I buy Precision Medical Products online?

Health Products For You provides various healthcare and medical supplies online. We offer a range of Precision Medical products for managing medical gases, oxygen therapy, and respiratory care with varied options to meet specific needs.  


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