North Coast Medical is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of product lines across the continuum of rehabilitation medical care. It caters to the needs of hospitals, clinics, private practices, and consumers at home. North Coast Medical Products specialize in the areas of post-surgery recovery, pain management, sports medicine, evaluation, and assistive devices. They include wrist braces, splinting products, orthotics, ADL products, thermoplastics, taping products, positioning and safety products, etc. All these products assist in post-recovery and help users return to their normal routine as soon as possible.

North Coast Medical Product Lines

  • Rehabilitation & Therapy - Rehabilitation catalog of North Coast Medical features products for in-patient and out-patient treatment, recovery, and daily living needs. It includes different types of orthopedic splints and braces for support and faster recovery of broken limbs. A variety of massagers and therapy products help in restoring the physical fitness and mobility of patients.
  • Daily Aids - North Coast Medical daily aids help individuals with limited mobility perform their routine tasks with ease and convenience. Products like raised toilet seats, rocker knives, scoop dishes, shoehorns, bottle openers, increase user independence without compromising with safety.
  • Patient Care - Patient care products include a variety of evaluation kits and protective clothing. Evaluation kits help provide medical diagnosis at home. There are goniometers to measure the angle, dynamometers to measure grip strength, and measuring tapes to measure length, width, and height of any commodity.
  • Wound Care - Wound care products include medical tapes, bandages, gloves, stick applicators, etc. to make wound care an easy and convenient task for both patients and caregivers. They promote quick healing without compromising with user safety.