BSN Medical

BSN Medical USA is a global leader of wound care and orthopedic supplies. It aims at providing high quality solutions for patients and caregivers. BSN Medical products are known for their superior medical care along with high quality and reliability. They include a complete range of medical compression products that are used for the treatment and management of venous and lymphatic diseases. BSN Medical supplies also include a range of wound care products that provide treatment solutions to help improve the quality of life of patients. Combining the experience with both, traditional and new medical solutions, BSN Medical is now able to offer advanced wound care products like the Cutimed line of wound dressings. Jobst compression therapy and Cutimed wound management product lines specially provide treatment solutions for vascular and wound care needs. BSN Medical Jobst is a renowned name when it comes to offering effective compression therapy and meeting the aesthetic needs of consumers.

BSN Medical Wound Care Products

BSN Medical Wound Care Products treat and address the needs of patients and caregivers for the most prevalent diseases in the world. They provide doctors, nurses and pharmacists with therapy solutions that improve the life of their patients. Reliable and advanced BSN products of high quality are created combining both traditional experience and innovation. BSN Medical products reliably cover all wound healing phases. A complete selection of effective, patient-friendly products is especially developed for the successful treatment of difficult and complex wounds. Proper care of wound is critical for the overall health and wellbeing of an individual. Faster the healing is, sooner the user can go back to his normal life. BSN Medical USA manufactures a wide range of wound care products including wound dressings, bandages, compression bandages, eye pads, first aid, medical tapes and wound cleansers.

Wound Dressings

BSN Medical Dressings a comprehensive range of high-quality first aid, surgical and sterile dressings that are used to satisfy a wide range of patient needs. Dressings are vital for wound care and play a key role in the healing of wounds. Choosing the right wound dressing is important for quick recovery because it comes in direct contact with the wound. It protects the wound from infection, absorbs exudate and creates the right environment for healing. Cutimed wound dressings are the newest innovative approach in antimicrobial wound care therapy. Leukomed dressings on the one hand are soft and smooth and on the other hand are sterile and absorbent. Una Boot dressings provide gradient compression therapy for the management of venous ulcers, various venous insufficiencies and minor orthopedic problems.


BSN Medical bandages are stretchable, flexible and used for supporting wound dressings, splints and IVs in place. They possess a precise fit and are available in non-sterile or sterile versions meeting the specific needs of the patients. The ultra tough, durable fabric of these bandages provides full absorbency, gentle pressure and adjusts to increased or decreased swelling. BSN Medical bandages include a variety of items like Tubular Support Bandage, Elastic Adhesive Bandage, Non-Woven Bandage, Open Cell Foam Bandage, etc.

Compression Bandages

BSN Medical offers a variety of bandaging systems that allow for the optimal edema management. These bandage systems are generally used before wearing a compression garment. Compression bandages from BSN Medical help in reducing the swelling and stabilizing the size of the limb. They have different applications ranging from treatment of lymphatic edema, venous ulcers, thrombophlebitis, dislocations to injured joints and muscles and more. BSN Medical supplies include 2-layer compression system, 3-layer compression system, 4-layer compression system, ACE compression bandages and short -stretch compression bandages.

Eye Pads

Eye pads are safe, reliable and extremely useful during the application of medicine or to cover and protect the eye against infectious dirt, pollutants and harmful rays. BSN Medical eye pad is a comfortable solution for the treatment of lazy eye. It is extra gentle on the skin, allowing for painless removal. Its flexible fabric allows the coverlet to move and conform.

First Aid

First aid products from BSN Medical are used to give fast and effective first aid. They are as much necessary at home as in a healthcare center. BSN Jobst Coverlet Adhesive Bandage is perfect for use on elbows, knees, knuckles, chin and nose. It has 360-degree adhesive surrounding the island pad that helps in sealing the affected area from dirt and contamination. BSN Medical Jobst Coverlet keeps the wounds clean and provides an environment conducive to healing.

Medical Tapes

Medical tapes by BSN Medical have a variety of applications in wound care. They secure dressings and bandages onto a wound and hold drainage lines and catheters in place. They are soft, conformable and come with a strong adhesive quality to ensure safe use in critical taping situations. BSN Medical products include BSN Fixomull Transparent Dressing Tape and BSN Lightplast Pro Athletic Elastic Adhesive Tape.

BSN Medical Rehabilitation & Therapy Products

Rehabilitation and therapy products from BSN Medical improve and restore physical fitness, mobility and co-ordination of the user. They are designed to keep the user fit and independent. BSN Medical Rehab supplies are easy for use at home. They target all the problem areas of the body – from head to toe, to help regain normal functionality. BSN Medical manufactures high quality compression stockings, orthopedic braces, lymphedema products, splinting supplies and tapes. This wide range is tailored to meet the specific requirements of an individual.


BSN Medical Orthopedic products are designed and manufactured together with the orthopedic specialists to stand up to the high expectations of the customers. BSN medical is recognized as a full solution provider for all functional orthopedic treatments and non-invasive immobilizations. It meets all the orthopedic requirements of the user with top quality products for back, abdomen, cervical, upper limb, lower limb and lot more.

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings by BSN Medical are designed to help reduce the symptoms of lymphedema, general leg swelling, chronic venous diseases, stasis ulcers and all ailments caused by poor blood circulation. These garments put the specified amounts of compression to the affected areas, improve the blood circulation and help bring the swelling down. Strong fabric with elasticity is used in different lengths to offer gradient pressure – starting from the ankle and reducing upwards to the waist. Compression stockings fit tightly over the feet and leg because of the special material they are made of. The pressure exerted on the limb causes the blood vessels to widen, thus allowing for opened up and easier blood circulation. Compression stockings bring down mild swelling in the legs due to inactivity or prolonged sitting and energize tired or achy legs. They are recommended for post-operative use especially after varicose veins surgery. Wearing compression stockings for varicose veins is very common. Compression is also indicated for those who are prone to blood clots. BSN Medical compression stockings can be worn throughout the day.


A range of products from BSN Medical exist to control lymphedema effectively and efficiently. These products are used for the effective management of lymphedema, edema and venous insufficiency. BSN Medical lays its focus on lymphedema patients and therapists who treat them, by ensuring quality products. Compression Armsleeves and Gauntlets by BSN Jobst are ideal for managing palm or wrist area swelling due to upper extremity lymphedema.


BSN Medical splinting supplies are used to provide support and immobilization while strapping, padding or splinting an injury. They are needed to keep the area affected by strains, sprains and fractures partially or fully immobilized for faster recovery. Splinting system of BSN Medical allows the user to immobilize limbs in a fraction of time as compared to conventional casts or splints. The prefabricated design is easy to use and offers secure and precise immobilization. Splinting supplies are made from a lighter and adjustable material and easily conform to various body parts. Also, they are more hygienic as they can be removed and cleaned. BSN Protouch Cotton Stockinette is one amongst them.

Taping Techniques

BSN Medical tapes provide rehabilitation to people suffering from injuries. They also safeguard individuals who are involved in strenuous activities from pulling or hurting their muscles. Tapes are especially beneficial to physiotherapists, sports therapists and athletic trainers. BSN Tensoplast allows for flexible strong support and compression. BSN Leukotape is a high strength, rigid strapping tape that offers extra strong support for sprains and strains.