In 1980, a product called Attends was introduced. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was the first disposable brief (like underwear) for people with incontinence (difficulty controlling their bladder or bowels) to be sold in North America. Attends was the first of its kind, and it helped make incontinence feel less embarrassing or shameful. 

Attends Healthcare pioneered the market of disposable incontinence supplies 35 years ago. Its product line is manufactured in the Domtar Personal Care Division, a leading provider of absorbent hygiene products. With a full portfolio of incontinence solutions, Attends aims to fit the lifestyles and needs of all individuals, no matter what is the age, size, preference, activity level, or stage of incontinence. Whether it is a bladder or bowel leak, Attends will help you or your loved one get back the freedom you deserve. There are diapers, protective underwear, underpads, bladder control pads, and many more for your unique incontinence needs.

Attindas is a fast-growing supplier of absorbent hygiene products, including a combination of branded and private label briefs, protective underwear, underpads, pads, washcloths, baby diapers, training pants, and youth pants. 

Attends Healthcare Products – Designed for Living Dry

Attends offers its customers a wide range of products in different sizes and absorbency levels to help them get back to the things they love.

1. Attends Briefs & Diapers

Attends provides an industry standard when it comes to highly absorbent adult diapers for skin wellness. These breathable briefs provide maximum dryness and protection against heavy to severe urinary and bowel incontinence. Their side tabs make it easy to wear and remove the brief after use. Some of our best buys are Attends Advanced Briefs and Attends DermaDry Bariatric Briefs.

2. Attends Underwear

Attends protective underwear offer discreet yet secure protection against moderate to heavy bladder or bowel leaks. They can be worn like regular underwear under clothing and prove to be a good alternative to briefs for active individuals. You may browse through our best-sellers Attends Advanced Underwear, Attends Bariatric Underwear, and Attends Discreet Day/Night Underwear.

3. Attends Pads

Attends bladder control pads offer protection against light to moderate bladder leakage. These ultra-absorbent and odor neutralizing pads help keep active users dry and comfortable without the need for protective underwear. Attends Booster Pads, Attends Discreet Bladder Control Pads, and Attends Insert Pads are a few of them.

4. Attends Underpads

Attends underpads offer premium protection and dryness to the users. They protect bed linens from wetness, thereby reducing laundry volume. These All-In-One underpads are also clinically proven to reduce pressure ulcers. Attends Supersorb Maximum Underpads, Attends Discreet Underpads, and Attends Dri-Sorb Underpads are a popular choice of our customers.

Attends Premier – For Premium Overnight Protection

Attends Premier product line is created for those who are looking for an absorbent product that will perform in all situations, day or night. This range includes briefs, underwear, and underpads all of which provide high performance and comfortable experience. These disposable incontinence products can effectively manage heavy urinary or fecal incontinence.

  • Ultra-Plus Design – Ultra-soft to provide comfort all day, or all night.
  • Dry-Lock Containment Core – Results in the most absorbent briefs and underwear which lock away liquid faster.
  • ConfidenceCuff Elastics – Provide full coverage and leakage protection for confident days and dignified nights.
  • Odor Control – Odor controlling materials keep you confident.
  • SmartCool Breathability – 100% breathability provides comfort and promotes healthy skin.

Attends Technologies

  • Advanced DermaDry Technology – A powerhouse of benefits, including Rapid Lock Dual Core, premium softness and breathable fabric.
  • Supersorb Dryness Layer – A targeted layer of absorbent material that helps minimize wetness and maximize patient well-being.

Which Attends Incontinence Products to use for Bowel Incontinence?

For people with bowel incontinence, it is recommended to use a protective underwear for light to moderate fecal containment. For heavy to severe fecal incontinence, using a brief is recommended. And for those with light leakage or staining, it is recommended to use a Butterfly patch by Attends.

Where can I buy Attends Products online?

Health Products For You is an online retailer that specializes in providing a wide range of healthcare and medical supplies. Explore our expansive catalog of Attends products like diapers, protective underwear, underpads, bladder control pads, and many more for your unique incontinence needs. 


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