AmoenaAmoena is world leader in silicone breast forms being the innovator of a technology that took the world by storm in 1975 with unrivalled expertise. Amoena mastectomy products are known for their quality and significant impact on the lives of women post mastectomy. First developed by Amoena founder Cornelius Rechenberg, silicone breast forms have set a benchmark for all mastectomy products in terms of innovation and suitability.
Amoena’s mission has been to provide the breast care industry with products based on a technology that keeps the comfort and wellbeing of women who have undergone breast cancer surgery a topmost priority. This purpose is achieved by the brand’s endeavor to work closely with the users through extensive wear tests, collaboration with doctors and experts to ensure inclusion of latest methods and constant evolvement to achieve the best end results.

Amoena technologies

The research and development team at Amoena bras has been involved in continuous improvement of mastectomy products and perfecting technology to introduce newer and better versions. Amoena continues to lead in conceptualizing and producing innovative products and examples include the lighter weight breast forms, two-layer forms, Contact self-adhesive breast forms, ComfortPlus technology, etc.

The ComfortPlus technology introduced in Amoena products regulates the temperature between the breast form and the chest wall by absorbing, storing and releasing excess body heat. This helps provide maximum comfort to women suffering from hot flashes due to menopause or hormonal treatment. You will find the ComfortPlus technology in Amoena mastectomy product styles such as Natura, Energy, Contact and Balance.
The InTouch soft silicone technology employed in Amoena mastectomy silicone breast forms makes it the softest and most durable silicone available giving a most natural feel. The InTouch silicone drapes on to the body contours naturally making you forget you are wearing prosthesis.
ComfortPlus with Outlast® technology regulates the body temperature by absorbing and storing heat when it is in excess and releasing it when you need it. The Outlast® Phase Change Materials (PCM) provides extra-sensory comfort, reduced perspiration and less overheating by monitoring and controlling temperature swings. The Outlast®technology in Amoena products is proactive and pre-empts bodily temperature changes so even before the body can begin to sweat, the temperature balance sets in.
Memory foam and spacer foam are innovative additions to the line-up of Amoena mastectomy bra cups. Amoena bras with memory foam cups provide a snug fit, shaping up to the breast or breast form creating a smooth silhouette. The mastectomy spacer foam bra is exceptionally lightweight and breathable because of the integrated air pockets which provide relief on a hot day keeping you free of sweaty skin.
Amoena Contact mastectomy breast forms attach to the chest wall with an adhesive technology that allows even distribution of weight to the chest wall thereby cutting down pressure on the neck and shoulder. Amoena breast forms are also found to offer relief from lymphedema in certain cases.

Why Amoena pocketed bras

Amoena breast forms are best suited for their own pocketed bras that are designed to provide all around comfort. Innovative and creative, these pocketed bras have been designed keeping in mind all aspects of the breast form. The cup of an Amoena pocketed bra accommodates the shape of the breast form best while also concealing surgery scars and radiation burn marks. The pocketed bra straps are wider, sometimes padded, and very comfortable so as to provide relief from tension around the shoulders and neck. The distance between the Amoena bra straps across the shoulders is designed to be shorter because this offers firmer support when compared to regular bras.
Amoena mastectomy pocketed bra shoulder straps are comfortable and adjustable. At the back, there are more than one option for the hook and eyes so individual requirement can be met. The padded hook-eye strap of Amoena bra is gentle on the skin. Seams on the sides and under the arms are wider to provide better support and also conceal scars.
The front, central part of the Amoena pocketed bra is broad for providing better support and covering up scars. The bra’s underband has ample width to hold up the breast form securely and firmly.

Types of Amoena breast forms

You can choose and buy from among the variety of Amoena mastectomy bras online. The Amoena Contact Multi offers a choice to you when to wear a breast form attached to the chest wall and when to wear it in a pocket. The Contact Multi is a silicone pad with adhesive on both sides. When you want to wear an attached breast form, you can secure the pad to a 2S or 3S breast form and attach it to the chest wall. This allows the user the freedom to choose.

The Amoena mastectomy Natura Xtra Light breast form is extremely lightweight weighing 40% less than a standard silicone breast prosthesis. It is designed to maintain the proper shoulder alignment and posture of the user. This breast form has a two-layer design and a snug fit to keep the prosthesis upright in a pocketed bra and close to the body. It employs the ComfortPlus technology with InTouch ultra-soft silicone.
The Amoena Essential balance breast shapers are designed to enhance your body, correct breast imbalance and provide an even silhouette. These breast shapers or inserts can be placed inside a bra or attached to the chest wall directly. They fill in the mastectomy bra cup perfectly and though discreet, they provide a natural boost. Amoena Essential balance breast shapers ideally fill in spaces left by breast surgery and give you a fuller look. Most of these mastectomy products feature ComfortPlus technology to keep the body cool and comfortable.
Amoena’s re-invented Energy breast forms offers 30% more ComfortPlus technology to keep you feeling more relaxed and confident. It has a new, soft, three-dimensional surface and demonstrates more air flow and excess heat absorption properties. Maximum ventilation helps do away with perspiration keeping the body cool and relaxed. In the new version of Amoena mastectomy breast form, the InTouch soft silicone combines with the soft back layer to provide super-soft and enhanced flexibility.
Amoena’s Leisure breast forms are designed specifically for leisure and rest. They are soft, lightweight and can also be slept in. Weighted Leisure breast forms are meant to be worn during leisure instead of a full breast form. They have removable washable covers and can be worn at night too.
Aquawave breast forms are to be worn while swimming. Made from clear silicone, these are lightweight, water-resistant and dry quickly. Aquawave breast forms are 30% lighter than standard Amoena breast forms.They are held firmly and discreetly against the body with an elasticated underband and an integral bra.
Amoena’s Purfit breast form is meant for post-surgery use during the tissue expansion process following reconstruction. Standard Priform Leisure breast form is molded fiberfill breast form and is for use immediately after surgery when the scars are still raw and the skin sore. It is soft and gentle on the skin without irritating the scar tissues. It is also apt for use in place of a silicone breast form during leisure.

Amoena swimwear

The Amoena mastectomy swimwear collection is available in flattering designs and colorful prints. They have pocketed cups and support for swim forms and are made of a fabric that dries quickly and is chlorine-resistant. The design of Amoena swimwear allows you to move freely and firm support for the swim forms alleviates any fears of the breast forms slipping down. The cups are super soft and the elastic straps flexible and adjustable. This is a unique and an exciting range of mastectomy swimwear from a brand that specializes in mastectomy products designed to cater to individual surgery types and lifestyles.

Amoena fitting guides

It is important to get a good fit for your Amoena breast form and Amoena bra to ensure comfort and extended wear time. Which size is for you will be decided by a professional fitter who you can visit 6-8 weeks after the breast surgery. By this time the surgery scars would have healed and the measurement would be accurate. A trained and certified mastectomy fitter will guide you in terms of choosing the right mastectomy breast form size depending on your needs.
The fitter will base your measurement on three important considerations. These are:
Breast form fit: This will depend on your choice for cup fullness– shallow, average or full.
Breast form shape: Whether symmetrical or asymmetrical.
Breast form size: This can be ascertained from measuring the bra size.
Which Amoena mastectomy breast form size you need will depend on your bra size. Use this conversion chart to get your breast form size. For example, if your bra size is 36B, you will require size 5 breast form.

Fitting guide for lingerie

To get the right-sized Amoena mastectomy bra, you need to have your band size and cup size. Here’s how you can find that:
Band size: Start measuring from the center of the chest, around the underneath part of the remaining breast and to the center of the spine. Now double the measurement to get your band size
Cup size: This time measure the cup size across the fullest part of the remaining breast. Start from the center of the chest, fully across the remaining breast and to the center of the spine. Now double the measurement to get your cup size.
Use this conversion chart to find out the Amoena bra size using your band size and cup size measurements.

Tips for dressing after mastectomy

Post mastectomy, there is no need to despair about how you will furbish your wardrobe. It is possible to continue looking gorgeous and feminine without worrying about having lost something which is of more importance to you than anyone else.
A number of good, comfortable yet favorable options are available in terms of clothing choices. How to wear is more important than what to wear.
Here are some tips you might find useful when choosing your post mastectomy wardrobe:

  • Neckline
    Before ruling out different necklines because you are worried they may reveal too much and therefore, not work, try them. It is surprising how often we are misled into thinking that a particular style will be too revealing. Unless you try them on, you will not know. You can go for loose-fitting tops with modest necklines. These will give you a natural silhouette and keep your cleavage and scars unrevealed. You can make a plunging neckline less revealing by wearing a Amoena camisole underneath or donning a brooch.
  • Fabric
    Buy clothes in soft and gentle fabric which will not irritate your skin. Cotton and jersey are suitable options because they are soft, flexible and will be flattering for your figure.
  • Breast forms
    You can choose between the traditional breast forms to be worn in pocketed-bras or opt for breast forms with an adhesive that attach to the chest wall.
  • Bras
    Mastectomy bra options are plenty including non-wire mastectomy bras suitable for still healing, tender skin. Front closure mastectomy bras are also useful if you have limited range of motion and looking for easy fastening option. T-shirt mastectomy bras are handy especially during leisure.
  • Focus
    You can wear a scarf or have a dress with gathers or ruffles to keep these as the focus point. Look for dresses with asymmetrical patterns. These will provide the coverage you want and, at the same time, be fashionable. You can also move focus down towards your legs and shoes. Wear a belt around your dress to give it a smart and shapely look. Wear shorts or colorful skirts to give your personality a flair. Accessorize yourself with necklaces and flashy, bold earrings.

Amoena continues to innovate and develop its mastectomy product line-up so there is never a dearth of quality and user-friendly items. Buying Amoena mastectomy bras online is easy with the multiple options available.

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