Alba Healthcare is a pioneer in providing preventive healthcare services. It focuses on proactive health management and coordinated care. They believe in team-based, patient-centered care, leading-edge screening, and diagnostics to deliver best-in-the-class healthcare medical needs for the patients. With some unique self-care products, they help patients and households achieve better health outcomes. 

Since 1975, Alba Health Care products include deep vein thrombosis prevention products; anti-embolism stockings; pulStar, a pulsatile anti-embolism system; dressings and dressing retainers; footwear; Care Sox, non-compression socks to accommodate patients suffering from edema brought on by diabetes or circulatory problems; and stockinette. Products like slip-resistant footwear and Alba Health Orthopedic Stockinette have made them market leaders. 

The Alba Health Care products line includes: 

Alba Health Care Steps - To meet footwear challenges, Alba Health offers an extensive line of slip-resistant safety footwear for acute care known as Alba Health Care Steps. The sole is designed to help reduce patient injuries, while the soft knitted construction enhances patient comfort and is a popular Alba Health product.  

Alba Health Care Sox - This all-cotton, seamless toe, non-compression Care Sox by Alba Health is oversized to accommodate patients suffering from Edema as a result of diabetes or circulatory problems. Natural cotton construction from the Care Sox provides exceptional comfort, easy care, and excellent absorbency.  

Alba Health Orthopedic Stockinette - These are available as non-sterile and sterile in a wide array of sizes and configurations to solve your orthopedic Stockinette challenges. 

Where can I buy Alba Heath Care Products online? 

Health Products For You is an online retailer that specializes in providing a wide range of healthcare and medical supplies, including Alba Health care socks, stockinettes, dressing retainers, and more. 

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