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What is Wound Bed Preparation?

Wound preps or wound preparations is the science that deals with preparing a wound for healing. This includes the cleaning of the wound, shielding the wound, and also securing any dressing that might be loose. From application of anti-septic solutions and cleaning the debris, to securing dressings and managing odor, wound preps includes all. The main goal of wound preparation is to maintain a balance between debridement, moisture, and bacterial presence. This then extends to good environmental and personal care of the patient.

Steps to Wound Preparation

  • The first step to wound prep is assessing the wound. This requires measuring the wound and determining the degree of damage. Determining the origin or cause of the wound also helps a lot in healing and rehab. 

  • The second step is debridement. This involves the cleaning of the wound which include removal of exudate and debris. 

  • The third step is calculating the required moisture and using items that manage moisture easily and correctly. 

  • The fourth step is absorbing all the exudate and using anti-septic solutions to clean the wound. 

  • The final step is securing the dressing and allowing the wound to heal.

Wound Prep Products

  • Applicators - Generally shaped like cotton swabs, they come in varying lengths with one end dabbed with cotton or other absorbent material. They are used to apply liquid solutions to a wound or help in cleaning exudate and debris. 

  • Drainage and Irrigation - This deals with the draining the continuous exudate seepage and also irrigating the wound. Surgical wounds need to be irrigated specifically by using saline solutions. This includes the use of drainage collectors and bags, and irrigation products. 

  • Montgomery Straps - Montgomery straps are adhesive straps used to secure wound dressings. They have a special characteristic that allows them to be reused for a number of times. 

  • Prep Pads and Wipes - This usually involves the use of preparation pads dabbed in an anti-septic solution or the use of alcohol pads. Wipes are general antiseptic wipes used to clean the skin near a wound. 

  • Prep Solutions - They are used to clean irrigate the wound and mostly consist of hydrogen peroxide and povidone iodine. They clean all the necrotic tissue and dried blood and ensure no infections take place. 

  • Swabsticks - Sticks made of wood or plastic and dabbed with wads of cotton on both sides, swabsticks help in cleaning the wound and the application of solutions. They are available four types such as alcohol swabsticks, povidone iodine swabsticks, lemon glycerin swabsticks, and oral swabsticks. 

  • Wound Cleansers - They are specially formulated solutions used to clean a wound. The help in cleaning the debris and exudate and make the wound area anti-microbial in nature. They come in a number of variants and can be used directly on the wound. 

  • Wound Measurement - Wound measurement involves the use of scales, rulers, depth guides, and measurement guides. The assessment of a wound is important in deciding the treatment method for the wound

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