Wound Prep Solutions | Antiseptic Solutions | Sterile Water Solution

Prep solutions basically help in irrigating the wound. It helps in hydrating the wound and cleaning the debris trapped deeper within the wound. The solution also helps in cleaning the bacteria and other microbes and thus preventing any kind of infection. Hydrogen peroxide and povidone iodine are two of the main solution types that help in sterilizing a wound and readying it for dressing. Prep solution also perform the task of cleaning the necrotic tissues and making sure that no amount of dried blood or dead tissue causes any infection in the wound. 

At Shop Wound Care we have a wide range of prep solutions from top selling brands such as Medline, Cardinal Health, Aplicare, etc.

Features of Prep Solutions

  • Irrigates the wound and helps in hydration of the wound 

  • Cleans the debris within the deepest reaches of the wound 

  • Eliminates the bacteria and creates and anti-septic environment 

  • Sterilizes a wound and prepares the wound for dressing it 

  • Cleans the necrotic tissue and prevents infection