Oral & Lip Care | Lip Balms

Dry lips is one of the most common conditions that troubles people who have difficulties retaining moisture. The lips become scaly, and sometime develop blisters and cuts. They can bleed and be painful as well. Sometimes if the cut or blister is deep there might be a chance of inflammation. Lip balms help in creating a protective layer against contaminates and also help the skin retain the moisture. This reduce the dryness and in turn reduces the chances of blisters and cuts. Some balms have anti-bacterial properties that help in eliminating the microbes that might causes infections in the mouth. 

At Shop Wound Care we have a wide range of oral and lip care products from top selling brands such as Medline, Bayer Healthcare, Blistex, etc.

Benefits of Oral and Lip Care Products

  • Protects the skin from blisters and cuts 

  • Prevent scaling of the lips 

  • Creates protective layer against external contaminates 

  • Reduces dryness of the lips 

  • Creates an anti-microbial environment in the oral region