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What is Medical Tape used for?

Tapes or medical tapes are similar to normal tapes in function but are specially crafted for medical purposes. These tapes are made of material that is adaptable to different environments and can be used safely on skin. Their main function is to hold a dressing in place. In the sports industry, medical tapes are used directly on inflamed joints to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Different medical skin tapes have different strength and can hold different types of gauze dressings in place. They can also be used to secure catheters, ostomy bags, and other equipment attached to the body. They are an important part of first aid kits.

Features of Medical Tapes

  • Stick perfectly to any kind of skin 

  • Come in both waterproof and absorbent options 

  • Porous in nature and highly breathable 

  • Can be easily torn or cut using a pair of scissors 

  • High adhesiveness

Major Allergies Attributed to Medical Tapes

  • Latex Allergies - There are a number of tapes that are made from latex and so people with latex allergies should avoid using them.

  • Material Allergies - Tapes are usually made of composite material to increase strength and one might have allergies from a specific material used in making the tape.

  • Adhesive Allergies - There are many people who might have an allergy to a specific adhesive and hence one must always choose tapes with hypoallergenic adhesives.

Types of Medical Skin Tapes

Cloth Tapes

Made out of cloth, they are the most breathable tapes throughout. These cloth tapes offer absorbency and can be used in high moisture conditions. They are strong and do not snap off easily.

Dressing Retention Tapes

They are made specifically to keep a dressing in place securely. Dressing retention tapes are used for heavy dressings, tubings, ostomies, catheters, etc. They are soft and their non-woven material offers great strength.

Elastic Tapes

Stretchable and strong, these elastic tapes are used by athletes directly on skin to reduce inflammation. Another variant of these tapes is called kinesiology tapes. They are generally used on body parts that have to stretch and move a lot such as knees, elbows, etc.  

Paper Tapes

A major part of first aid, they are made of paper and are easy to tear. They are the go to tapes for securing a dressing temporarily to stop the bleeding and protect the wound. Since they are made of paper, they rarely irritate the skin 

Pink Tapes

The adhesive in these tapes contain zinc oxide, which is know to soothe skin rashes and irritations and stick perfectly to the skin. They are perfect for use in delicate regions such as crotch areas or armpits 

Silicone Tapes

Made of silicone, these tapes can be applied and removed easily without any hassle. They are good for dressings that have to kept on for a long time. They do not leave residue and come off easily without any pain 

Surgical Tapes

One of the most popular tape types, they are hypoallergenic in nature and can be used almost anywhere. They also contain zinc-oxide which makes them antiseptic in nature 

Transparent Tapes

They are used as heavy duty tapes and hence have high adhesiveness. They rarely cause rashes or irritation on the skin. They are mainly used to secure tubings and catheters

Where to buy Medical Tapes online?

Medical Tapes are an important part of first aid kits. These tapes are made of a material that is adaptable to different environments and can be used safely on skin. At Shop Wound Care, we have a wide range of medical tapes from top selling brands such as 3M, Medline Industries, KT Health, etc. Buy now!

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