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What is Medical Cloth Tape?

As their name suggests, medical cloth tapes are made of non-woven fabric that offers great breathability. They are perfect for application in conditions when the wound area is moist. Cloth tapes can be used to secure dressings, catheters, medical tubing, and devices. It features hypoallergenic adhesive, which is designed to be removed from the skin without damaging it. Thus, cloth tapes are ideal for repeated applications where preservation of sensitive skin is essential.

They come in varied sizes and materials. Small dressings can be secured with small-sized tape, while larger dressings are fastened with larger tape. Adhesive cloth tapes are widely used for numerous purposes in clinics, hospitals, senior living facilities, schools, workplaces, and households.

Shop Wound Care offers a huge collection of durable, flexible, and liquid-resistant cloth tapes that effectively secure gauze dressings and other non-adhesive dressings in place. 3M Medipore H Soft Cloth Surgical Tape and Molnlycke Mefix Self-Adhesive Dressing Tape can secure gauze, tubes, cannulas, dressings, and drainage devices even to awkward areas of the body.

Features and benefits of Medical Adhesive Cloth Tapes

  • Water-resistant and stay secure even in moist conditions.
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive, can be removed easily without damaging the skin.
  • Microporous, which makes it more breathable for the wound area allowing it to heal faster.
  • Versatile tape, holds dressings, medical tubing, braces, splints in place.
  • Tape’s strong adhesive quality reduces the need for frequent application of new tape.
  • Stretchable, allows it to adjust to motion or expansion of areas of skin.
  • Conformable, provides strong adhesion for challenging applications in awkward areas also.
  • Latex-free, safe to use for people with latex allergies.

Where to buy Cloth Surgical Tape?

Shop wound care carries a wide selection of flexible cloth tapes that bend and flex with the body. They are a great item to have in the home first aid kit. Our inventory of cloth medical tapes is from top-selling manufacturers like Covidien, Medline, North Coast Medical, and many more. Place your order today and get reward dollars to be used on your next purchase.