Rolyan is a brand of Patterson Medical. It provides a comprehensive range of rehabilitation, wound care, patient care and many more products.  Rolyan splinting provides a comprehensive range of pre-cuts, sheet materials, and accessories. For years Rolyan splinting range has been leading in thermoplastics. It aims to meet the busy clinician’s ever-changing needs.

Rolyan Splints are classified in a variety of ways

Static Splint

A static splint has no moving parts and may be supportive, corrective or protective. Often used to support normal hand arches.

Serial Static Splints

Serial static splints position soft tissues towards the end of their available range to help increase tissue length.

Static Progressive Splints

These splints involve the application of a low-load prolonged stretch at the end of the available movement.

Dynamic Splints

A dynamic splint consists of a static base onto which levers, springs or pulleys may be attached.

Rolyan Wound Care Products

Rolyan offers a comprehensive collection of wound care products available for individual physicians and hospitals. It offers bandages, gauzes and other advanced wound care products.

Rolyan Patient Care Products

Rolyan offers high-quality patient care items both for patients and medical care professionals. Whether you require traveler pillow, cervical pillow, gloves, elevator and positioner or anything. You can get it here at HPFY.


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