Mepitel is a brand of Molnlycke Health Care. It offers wound care products and provides wound treatment and prevention solutions. These wound products are safe, gentle and easy to use. Mepitel is used in the management of wounds where adherence of a dressing to the underlying tissue represents a particular clinical problem. Typical applications include skin tears or abrasions, second-degree burns, surgical excisions,  blistering conditions such as epidermolysis bullosa, lacerations, partial and full-thickness grafts, and skin damage following radiotherapy or steroid therapy.


Why choose Mepitel Products?

Gentle: Reduces pain and skin damage for the patients

  • One-sided Safetac interface minimise patient discomfort at dressing removal
  • Safetac technology seals the wound margins and reduces the risk of maceration
  • Safetac technology promotes non-adherence to the moist wound bed but to dry skin only

Durable: Supports undisturbed healing

  • Advanced dressing maintaining product properties over time - leaves no residues and does not dry out
  • Safetac adhesive technology secures optimal fixation - can remain in place for up to 14 days

Safe to use: Supports healing progress and care provider

  • Transparent net enables optimal wound assessment avoiding unnecessary dressing changes  
  • Pre-printed symbol facilitates safe removal on skin tears with fully or partially intact flap
  • Perforated structure allows it to be used in combination with gels