Medline FitRight aims at providing the right products with the right fit and the right care. They are designed to enhance the comfort and dignity of an individual. Also, they have a comfortable fit, high absorbency and dryness rate and are easier to use. FitRight offers a full line of products that are as diverse as the requirements of the users. It includes Adult Briefs, Adult Protective Underwear, Pads and Liners. Adult Briefs are indicated for individuals who are bedridden, difficult to turn, contracted, aggressive or combative. Adult Protective Underwear is suggested for those who are incontinent but active. It can be pulled on and off just like regular underpants. Pads and Liners are suggested for residents who are ambulatory, up with one-person assist, able to bear weight, use underwear, self-toilet, or are involved in a Bladder and Bowel program.

Medline FitRight Briefs

Medline FitRight Briefs provide state-of-the-art incontinence care. They are made with a unique dual core that wicks the moisture away and offers protection for an extended period of time. Medline FitRight briefs address two essential incontinence concerns - maintaining skin integrity and keeping skin dry. These incontinence briefs are recommended for those who are bedridden, suffer from urinary and bowel incontinence and require containment and maximum protection against moisture. Medline FitRight Briefs are available in five levels of absorbency and various styles - FitRight Basic, FitRight Plus, FitRight Extra, FitRight Ultra, FitRight Stretch Ultra and FitRight Restore.

FitRight Design

  • Proprietary FitRight design for comfort and dignity
  • AquaDry Plus acquisition layer keeps fluid away from skin
  • Linear Embossing Technology for improved wicking and dryness
  • Soft Anti-Leak Guards in some models reduce leakage and improve containment
  • Individualized, garment-like fit
  • Absorbent core with odor protection
  • Moisture Alert wetness indicator

Absorbent Core

  • Bronze Series 4D-Core with odor protection
  • Silver Series 4D-Core with odor protection
  • Gold Series 4D-Core with odor protection
  • Platinum Series 4D-Core with odor protection

Side Panels

  • Skin-safe hook closures
  • Repositioned and refastened as needed
  • Breathable for enhanced airflow and comfort


  • Cloth-like for extra softness
  • Soft, natural feel
  • Discreet and quiet

Selecting the Right FitRight Brief as Per Your Needs!

Platinum Series 4D-Core Gold Series 4D-Core Silver Series 4D-Core Bronze Series 4D-Core
Fitright Restore Fitright Stretch Utra Fitright Ultra Fitright Plus Fitright Extra Fitright Basic
SensiSoft Backsheet Stretch Panel Anti-Leak Guards Anti-Leak Guards No Anti-Leak Guards No Anti-Leak Guards
Anti-Leak Guards Hip Protect Front Panels Improved Absorbency
vs. FitRight Plus
Improved Containment
vs. FitRight Extra
Improved Absorbency
vs. FitRight Basic
Best Value
  Anti-Leak Guards Clear Bag Packaging

Medline FitRight Brief Sizing Chart

Size Waist Size
Small 20" to 32" (51cm to 81cm)
Medium 32" to 42" (81cm to 107cm)
Regular 40" to 50" (102cm to 127cm)
Large 48" to 58" (122cm to 147cm)
X-Large 59" to 66" (150cm to 168cm)
XX-Large 60" to 69" (152cm to 175cm)
Bariatric 65" to 94" (165cm to 238cm)

Medline FitRight Absorbency/Containment

Medline FitRight Absorbency/Containment

Medline FitRight Protective Underwear

FitRight Protective Underwear is known to provide exceptional comfort and worry-free containment. It features premium SensiSoft fabric, advanced moisture management and body-contoured design. Discreet and disposable, it can be pulled on and off just like regular underpants. Medine FitRight Underwear is recommended for those who have light to heavy urinary incontinence and occasional bowel incontinence episodes. It is a perfect solution for individuals who require discreet, garment-like incontinence protection.

FitRight Underwear Design

  • Feel of everyday underwear
  • Body-contoured, anatomical design

SensiSoft Fabric

  • Provides a more garment-like fit
  • Feels soft and comforting to the skin

Soft Anti-Leak Guards

  • Improves containment and reduces leakage

Absorbent Core

  • Super absorbency
  • Gold Series Core with odor protection
  • Promotes dryness to help maintain skin integrity
  • Wicks away fluid quickly

Medline FitRight Pads And Liners

FitRight Liners are slim pads that are designed to be ultra thin for ultimate absorption and discretion. They handle different absorption levels and aim to keep the skin dry and healthy. FitRight Liners are recommended for those who have moderate to severe urinary and bowel incontinence. They are an ideal solution to people who require better containment and protection against moisture. Low-Profil 4D-Core with odor protection provides better absorbency and improved fit. Soft Anti-Leak Guards reduce leakage and improve containment. Cloth-like Backsheet offers increased comfort and discretion. FitRight Pads are designed to protect the user from bladder leakage. They have an adhesive strip to hold them in place on the resident’s underwear, incontinence mesh or knit pants.

FitRight Pads are indicated for those who have light to moderate urinary incontinence, require discreet protection, are independent or may need assistance with toileting. Medline FitRight Male Guard provides great protection in a discreet pad. It has a breathable cloth-like outer cover, super-absorbent core, adhesive strip and an anatomical design.

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